Is It A Good Idea To Join Coaching For Engineering In 8th Standard?

Is It A Good Idea To Join Coaching For Engineering In 8th Standard?

Cracking competitive examinations has become tougher than ever. The rise in number of applications each year has raised the standard to another level altogether. Simultaneously, the pressure on aspirants is rising each passing day. A major impact of the fierce competition can be seen every year when the engineering entrance exam results are announced. In 2017, around 159540 candidates appeared for JEE Advanced out of which 50455 made it through the examination.

Looking at the constant rise of the aspirants and competition level, many coaching institutes have started offering Foundation programs for engineering aspirants who plan to start from an early age. Many parents are convinced with the idea of making their child join any of the reputed coaching institutes as early as from class 8th; many others are still contemplating the idea. To their rescue, here we have listed the benefits attached with joining a coaching for engineering from 8th standard.

Added Preparation Time

If your child is inclined to pursue a career in engineering, let us tell you, it is a great choice. Our nation needs qualified and competent engineers to foster the community. Having said that, the engineering entrance exam is nothing less than a tough nut to crack and requires an enormous amount of focus and devotion. Therefore, if you start making your child well-versed with the exam and course structure early on, he/she will have enough time in hand to get acquainted with the exam pattern. Choose any of the top coaching institutes that offer foundation classes and make sure you enquire well about the success rate and read as many reviews as possible. When we talk about reviews, check Aakash coaching review and you will be amazed to know the success rate and world-class facilities that the institute offers.

Your Child will Learn from Mistakes

Another advantage of getting your child enrolled in foundation classes is he/she will have the luxury to make mistakes and learn from them. It’s a proven fact that mistakes are the best way to learn things and they are not easily repeated. By taking the mock tests offered by the coaching enrolled in, your child will easily be able to identify the strong and weak areas and can work well on them in the future.

More Learning, Less Pressure

If your child starts preparing for engineering from standard 8th, it’s natural that he/she will have a better command over the syllabus and when the time comes, scoring good grades will become easy. In addition, the structured course offered will set your child into the motion and the their fundamentals will be clear earlier than other aspirants. While working hard has its share of benefits, starting early from standard 8th can increase the chances of cracking the JEE advanced examination.

Did We Mention Foundation Programs?

Many of the top coaching institutes have introduced Foundation programs especially for students who wish to start the learning process from an early age. The best part is that these programs ensure there is no hindrance caused to regular studies. Now that’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? In addition, these programs act as a backbone and help the students score better grades in school examinations as well.

We are sure you must have diagnosed all the aspects of making your child join a coaching institute from an early age, suggestible is that you have a thorough conversation with your child before starting the enrollment procedure. It’s always a good idea to know what your child wants rather than imposing your choices on them. So, make sure you discuss this with your child and proceed with the enrollment only when your child agrees to it. Take a wise decision!