Which Are The Best Book To Prepare For NTSE

Which Are The Best Book To Prepare For NTSE

National Talent Search Examination or The NTSE as it is very commonly known is a scholarship scheme of national-level in India. The examination has a sole purpose to identify and recognize the students who have a high intellect and an excellent academic talent. The exam is one of the most prestigious exams in India. Approximately half a million students appear for this scholarship test each and every year and out of them and 1000 students are awarded scholarships, of which 775 are unreserved candidates. The program has been designed as such that it is open only to students of Indian nationality.

The Background of the Examination

The various states and the union territories have been given the responsibility of handling and conducting the first level screening examination which is known as State Level Talent Search Examination. The states and union territory select a definite number of candidates which is defined in their state quota and recommend them for the national level examination which is conducted for about 5000 candidates. The NCERT is responsible for the national level examination.

The states conducting the examination have got complete autonomy in designing and conducting their written examinations. However, it was advised that they follow the national pattern comprising of SAT and MAT. The MAT comprises of 100 multiple choice type questions all of which are to be attempted by all candidates. The SAT is the part where options are provided and it comprises of 25 multiple choice type questions each from eight subject areas which are Chemistry , PhysicsMathematicsBiology, EconomicsGeographyCivics and History. The candidates are free to choose any four out of the eight subjects and then they have to answer a total of 100 questions in the section of SAT.

Which Are The Best Book To Prepare For NTSE

A defined number of students who have qualified the national level examination as well which has the proforma of the first level repeated, are called in for personal interviews. The result of the final examination and the scholarship is determined by the complete performance of the candidates which comprises of the scores obtained in all three parts of the examination which are MAT, SAT and the Interview.

The students who qualify the national level examination are eligible for the scholarship. The amount given in the scholarship has been increased to Rs.1250 per month for class XI and XII and Rs.2000 per month under graduate and above. The scholarship is expected to rise up to 4000-5000 in the coming years. There are no restrictions for getting the scholarship regarding like requirement of low parental income, being a student of government school, or specific state domicile etc but if the student getting the scholarship moves abroad for studies, the said scholarship will no longer be continued.

How to prepare

Since this examination is a big deal, its preparation should be complete in order to reach that phase where the student is able to put up his claim for the scholarship. For preparation one of the important components required are the books. These books are said to help for the preparation as claimed by the previous merit holders for the examination:

  • NTSE stage 1&2 practise papers with detailed solutions by CP publications
  • A complete study package for NTSE by Arihant publications
  • NCERT books for the various subjects (top priority)

Other than these books for NTSE there are online websites which provide data which is very useful for the preparation of not only NTSE but also Olympiads of these types. Learning app are fast-growing teaching and online learning network which teach and prepare students for various examinations (like GRE, GMAT, IIT not NTSE). Websites such as toppr, have teachers as well as data for helping in preparation of NTSE and many other examinations.