How Do You Write A Good Essay

How Do You Write A Good Essay

By an essay we mean a consideration or argument. It is important to be able to write a good essay, and the skill that you train with it is a skill for the whole life. In many studies an essay or an essay applies a lot, and also in high school it is an exam part. Many pupils and students have a great fear of writing an essay: strict teachers who judge according to their own opinion, the subjectivity of it and the chance of blackouts. Fortunately, when writing an essay, it is not just about ‘talent’; There are a number of things that an essay has to meet that guarantees you a satisfactory result.

The purpose of an essay

There are different types of drafting that you can write. With an assignment or test, you almost always have the choice to decide for yourself what type of essay you write. Regardless of which type of essay, an essay must always be a written piece about one particular subject, which contains as much information as possible about the subject. The essay must read smoothly and be interesting. A good tip is to imagine that you write a piece for a newspaper: you want to inform a reader about a certain issue, but also invite him to read on. In each type of essay you also set a main question, problem or main position. You will continue to work this out in the rest of the essay. The other aspects of an essay depend on the type you choose to write:

An essay

In an argument you process your own opinion about a certain topic. Are you for or against a certain statement? What is your view on a particular problem? However, do not forget to write enough general, objective information. It must always be clear in an essay, however subjective, that you know a lot about a certain topic.

The introduction

If you already know how to start, then you know how to finish it. In the introduction to the argument you pose a clear problem or a clear main theorem. Invite the reader by working out the main subject with a few examples. Always keep in mind that the introduction is intended to introduce the text; give a small preface of what will be in the text and invite readers to read on. You also briefly state in the introduction what your opinion is (try to do it in no more than two sentences).

The middle part

The middle section consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain one argument or substantiation of your opinion on the main issue or problem.

The conclusion

In the end of the piece you could possibly repeat the main position or the problem. Give a conclusion and confirm your opinion on the subject. According to EssayArsenal – Essay Paper Writer Service providers in UK, It is important that no new information or arguments are given in the lock.


In an argument you can write the most (of all kinds) ‘to the audience’. If, for example, the argument concerns too short lunch breaks at secondary schools, then you can say that if your essay is published, students in particular will read it. Use in this example not too expensive words and keep the text lively.

To keep the reader well with the text, it is important to alternate between ‘big and small arguments’. For example, do not give your most important and well-founded arguments first, and then a few small reasons.

Remain with respect to an argument always respectful, even if you may stimulate the reader, and it is your own opinion, do not call the minister president a ‘bastard’ and do not awaken the reader to discrimination. There must always be some formality in the piece.

The Appearance Of An Essay

  • Each set, regardless of the type of essay, must officially adhere to a certain structure. This is to prevent every author from making his own ‘work piece’. Every school exam uses this structure, with an ordinary test it can sometimes be the case that a teacher or teacher gives you freedom in this. Always ask for clarity.
  • The title of the essay must be given at the top left of the magazine. When indicated also a certain order number or for example a used source (this does not have to be done if it is not indicated in the assignment).
  • Cut lines may be left between the introduction, the middle and the lock. However, this does not have to be.
  • There should be no blank lines between the different paragraphs of the middle section, between two paragraphs should be indented (after having written the first paragraph you must start with the second line on the next line, etc.).