Why You Should Consider Starting A Blog For Your Small Business

Why You Should Consider Starting A Blog For Your Small Business

Ever walked into a well-stocked store, stayed a few minutes to have a chat with the owner, only for them to complain about low client turnout? Then you walked into another less-stocked store and walked out surprised how the owner managed to win so many clients? Marketing determines success, and the Internet is a powerful catalyst. Blogs give your business exposure and recognition. Here is why you should have a blog for your small venture:

Boost Your Website’s SEO

Search engines credit fresh and relevant content with better rankings and exposure to more potential traffic. Blogs passively sell your business but in a more creative, engaging, and cheap way. By adding high-grade and decipherable blog posts with relevant links to your site, you attract more traffic to your official business site. Blogs can also enable Yahoo, Google, and Bing search engines to index your content and rank your site. If you center your content on your business’ chief keywords, you can also rank on those keywords. Combining white label marketing and blogging can boost your sales and earn you more recognition as a small business.

Strengthen Customer Relations

Blogs connect you with prospective clients and allow you to interact more with the existing ones. As you share a blog targeting a certain subject, your followers can like and comment on it, triggering conversations. By engaging more and deeper with your clients, they get to understand and trust you more.

Helps You Turn Traffic to Leads

As blogs direct more traffic to your website, you can convert the traffic into leads. Every blog you write is an indexed page that can generate leads. All you should do is add links to your lead-generating call-to-action. You can add your webinar, whitepaper, eBook, fact sheets, or trail links. The traffic-to-lead generation works in a simple way. When a visitor browses your site and then sees and clicks your call-to-action, they will be directed to your landing pages.

Blogs Get You Discovered Through Social Media

According to statistics, 66% of bloggers use social media. Therefore, starting a blog for your business can give you exposure to social networking sites. Whenever you craft and post a blog post, your social networks can share it to their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook sites. You can also share your blog post to these sites, which gives you exposure to thousands of followers. Blog posts also help to keep your social media pages active and running.

Starting a new business? Consider creating a blog to enable you to enjoy the benefits above.