Unique Upgrades For A Bougie Backyard

Unique Upgrades For A Bougie Backyard

People are spending more time at home today which means more time in the backyard. These upgrades will create a backyard that not only your family will love, but will make your friends envious.

Outdoor Seating

One of the easiest ways to create a bougie backyard is with comfortable outdoor seating. You can find many different styles of outdoor furnishings, from large wicker sectionals with firepit tables to canvas hanging seats. Already have outdoor seating? Add some colorful throw pillows to brighten the area. If you have old wicker furniture with paint that is scraped or peeling, paint them bright colors to create a Caribbean flair to your backyard. You can even create seating using cement blocks and wooden boards, adding throw pillows for added comfort.

Light it Up

There are many options to light up your backyard to create a fun atmosphere. You can find old-fashioned hanging lights that are easy to string along posts or railings. Candles are another great way to create soft lighting outside. Drill holes in old coffee cans and then paint with primer. Add a small tealight candle for fun lighting outside.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

The most popular activity in any backyard is grilling, so creating an outdoor kitchen area is a great way to upgrade your backyard. Install a wood-fired pizza oven from WPPO, LLC and you will have guests flocking to your parties. Using a quality pizza oven will allow you to serve guests unique dishes year-round. Add a granite countertop along the end of a patio or deck with cooktops or a grill. You can even add granite or concrete slabs to an old outdoor table for seating in the area.

Add Heat for Year-Round Comfort

If you live in a climate where the winters are cold, consider adding a heat source in the backyard. You can find propane heaters specifically designed for outdoor use if the area you need to heat is large. If you have a small area that you want to heat, place scented candles in a glass bowl and top with a terra cotta plant pot. The terra cotta will diffuse heat into the surroundings, keeping the area warm and fragrant. You can also add a firepit that will create warmth in your yard. Fill a circular area with a layer of sand and then stack bricks or stones around the sand. Once you have two levels, add gravel over the sand and place two more layers of stone.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a bougie backyard that will be the envy of your friends and family. These simple tips can create a relaxing, fun place to spend a night or weekend with those you love.