Tips from an Experienced Developer to Those Studying IT

Tips from an Experienced Developer to Those Studying IT

As a computer science student, you will learn many useful things during your college years which will help you find a good job after graduation. However, college students don’t even think about asking for advice from someone who is already working as a developer to understand how the IT world actually works. But, talking to an IT professional can be beneficial for students in so many ways.

Besides understanding the tech market better, you will also get an idea which non-technical skills you need to gain to succeed in your IT career. Being an IT expert requires so much more than just programming. For instance, you will need to communicate with your colleagues and your manager, be organised and responsible with your tasks, and so on.

Being able to see your profession from a different perspective will tremendously help you prepare for the job market. It can even make your college life a lot easier. Check our useful tips from experienced developers who were once IT students just like you.

Choose an Area and Focus on It

In today’s world, all businesses across various industries need an IT professional. However, that doesn’t mean that landing a job is easy. After all, the IT job market is highly competitive, and each company is looking to hire only the best talent. To land your first job successfully, you should find areas of your interest and focus on them. If you would like to work on cybersecurity in a financial institution, start reading financial magazines in your free time. Find interesting case studies of how a company handled a cyberattack and what it would recommend to others to prevent it from happening. Understanding how crucial IT professionals are in the business world, regardless of the industry, will show you what to expect once you finish college. Not to mention that finding a hobby within your profession will raise your interest in your other studies as well.

Apply for Projects

Having a great academic success is very admirable, but you will need to develop your practical skills if you wish to have a successful IT career one day. There are plenty of companies looking for students to help them work on projects, so you will easily find your first one. Having something other than your degree in your resume will make you stand out among other candidates when applying for your first job. Also, working on a real-life project will help you absorb information for your studies better. Instead of learning a definition after definition, you will have your prior knowledge to incorporate and a greater understanding of how things actually work inside the IT world.

Get Involved with Open Source Code

Learning about open source code is not the same as learning to work in an open source code software. No matter how many books you read about it, it will never be as useful as learning to work in it. You have to keep in mind that companies will not hire a person who knows about open source code but someone who will be able to start working on it right away. As rarely any college provides you with an opportunity to work in open source code programs, you should start learning it on your own. After all, there are so many courses and tutorials available online that you can choose the one that suits you best. If you want to learn something that will be very beneficial for your career, this should definitely be your starting point. Your proactivity will be highly appreciated when you start looking for a job.

Get to Know IT Professionals

You might think it’s hard to get to know someone who is already experienced in the IT world, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many events such as conferences and meetups where you can meet many programmers who have successfully built their career. As working in the computer science world can get pretty stressful due to deadlines and all the responsibilities these roles imply, a lot of these companies will encourage their employees to network with colleagues in their field. That’s why these events are the perfect opportunity to meet somebody who will gladly share their experience with you. More importantly, you might meet your future employer or be invited to work on an exciting upcoming project which will be a terrific addition to your resume.


Your student years are a fantastic opportunity to learn as much as you can before graduating. Many universities organise additional activities where you can hear useful information and meet people who share the same interests as you. Without a degree, you will not be able to apply for most of the job positions, but without experience, you will not have anything to bring to the table. That’s why it’s important to realise that you can have it both, as long as you have enough time to relax and simply enjoy your student life.