Thinking Of Joining The Military? How to Still Make Your Education A Priority

Thinking Of Joining The Military? How to Still Make Your Education A Priority

If you’re seriously considering joining the military, you can still come up with a plan to prioritize your education. There are several options available to you as a member of the Armed Forces or a veteran. Once you figure your career path after the military, you can choose an academic program that fits your schedule and helps you reach your professional goals. You may also want to attend school before joining the military if you plan to be in the Armed Forces long-term.

Attending School Online

You can attend an online university for military members and veterans at a discounted cost. Many colleges and universities will offer an affordable tuition plan for those who have served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army Reserves, or National Guard. You can even use your military experience to count toward your degree, which means you can earn your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree faster. When you study online, you can complete your assignments based on your schedule and you don’t have to worry about commuting to and from campus.

Schools that are devoted to assisting former and current members of the military can also provide career counseling services. These services are specifically for those who are transitioning from the Armed Forces into the civilian workforce.

Become a Military Officer After Graduating From College

If you want to join the military right out of high school, you may want to attend college first so that you can set yourself up for a worthwhile military career. If you enter the military with a degree, you will be eligible for officer positions. With a four-year degree, you can skip basic enlistment and start receiving officer training. This allows you to get further in your military career faster and puts you in a position for a higher salary.

Get Help Paying Your Student Loans

If you’ve never been in the military before and enlist after graduating from college, you can take advantage of the College Loan Repayment Program. Congress has authorized that you can receive up to $65,000 in student loan repayment assistance, but each branch of the military has its own monetary assistance limit. The Navy and Army provide the maximum amount, while the Air Force offers $10,000 and the Marines provide $20,000. This is even more motivation for serving in the military, even if you were already considering this career choice.

Whether you’re enlisting in the military for the first time, re-enlisting, or ending your military career, you have educational options and benefits that will help you prioritize earning your degree so you can secure your future before and after your military service.