The Ultimate Morning Routine For Increased Productivity

The Ultimate Morning Routine For Increased Productivity

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably wished that you could be more productive with your time. Achieving this goal is possible if you’re willing to revise at least some of your habits. Having a higher level of productivity in the day can be accomplished by altering how you approach mornings.

Go to Sleep and Wake up Early

Ultimately, when you don’t get enough sleep, you also won’t have the necessary energy to power through the day. If going to bed earlier seems like a daunting task based on your current schedule, try to change the time in small increments. For example, start by going to bed a few minutes earlier. You can eventually increase to a larger period of time. By going to bed earlier, you’ll be able to start your day at a more reasonable hour.

Gently Arise

Darting out of bed in the morning can cause you to feel chaotic and lose focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished in the day. While you probably don’t have time to lie in bed for hours, you can take a few moments to gently stretch or to write about your thoughts or even your dreams in a journal. Giving yourself a couple of minutes to really wake up means that you’ll be productive before even getting out of bed.

Eat Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because they’re racing out the door. If you have commitments early in the morning, find breakfasts that are easy to take on the go. Opt for healthy items, such as eggs and fruit. Prepare your cup of Colombian whole bean coffee shortly after emerging from the bed so that you have time to enjoy the beverage. Another option is to get a to-go mug to take all of your favorite coffees with you to work.


Getting in a workout before going to a job is unrealistic for many people, especially for individuals who have to commute early in the morning. On your days off from work, however, you can hit the gym or go for a run as you watch the sunrise. You might be surprised at how invigorating a workout in the morning can feel. In fact, these sessions might inspire you to exercise once in a while before work too.

Making changes to your routine can help you to increase productivity throughout the day. The morning is an appropriate time to make these changes because the day is still new and filled with opportunities.