The History Of Poetry From the Start to Now

The History Of Poetry From the Start to Now

If you are an avid reader of poetry, you must have asked yourself at some point where the art form came from and how it has evolved. Poetry is not a modern-day artistic creation, but rather dates back to early civilizations that may have sung songs or chanted phrases to put forth their deepest feelings and emotions.

Emergence of Poetry

Poetry has been around for centuries, and the art form has evolved. From Ancient Greece to the present day, poets have used their words to explore universal truths, capture the human experience, and communicate their thoughts and feelings.

The Puerto Rican Poet Who Wrote In Spanish-Julia De Burgos

As time passed, new poetic forms emerged and were written in the languages that people spoke daily. One of the earliest examples of this is the work of the Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos, who wrote her poems in Spanish. She was an important figure in the Puerto Rican literary movement and is considered one of the most influential Puerto Rican poets of all time.

The Evolution of Poetry

Since its inception, poetry has evolved into many different forms and styles. In addition to the traditional form of poems written in verse, we now have rap lyrics, slam poetry, and even poetry blogs.

Puerto Rican poetry has also evolved. More contemporary Puerto Rican poets are written in English. This shift is likely because English is now the predominant language spoken in Puerto Rico.

Early Poetry Was Not Written Down

The earliest forms of poetry were recited orally, much like how we recite songs today, and involved rhyming couplets and other forms. These early pieces did not include line breaks or stanzas like the poems we know today- instead, they were chanted or sung as one would an epic tale.

Early Poems Were Descriptive

Early poems often described heroic events, such as the role of a strong warrior in protecting his people or the courage one displays when confronting danger. The earliest forms of poetry did not even use language. Instead, they created sounds to convey emotions and feelings through expressions like repetition and alliteration.

Conclusively, poetry has a long and rich history that can be traced back to early civilizations. The form and style of poetry have evolved, and we now have many different types of poetry to choose from. In addition, Puerto Rican poets have emerged in recent years, with more poets writing in English than ever before.