The Camera That Helps You Capture The World In Your Galaxy S4

The Camera That Helps You Capture The World In Your Galaxy S4

One of the most precious and important bits of your Samsung Galaxy S4 remains your S4 camera and hence it’s of extreme importance that you protect it right. The multiple features this S4 camera boasts of is simply a class apart and why not considering the fact that you’ve got this with your hard earned money. Now a proper insurance coverage could actually do wonders to your phone as well as camera and you don’t really have to go far for it. There’s of course Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble which you can access right from the comfort of your home.

Certain Amazing Camera features of Galaxy S4

Here’s a list of some of the most amazing camera features of Galaxy S4 that you sure as hell shouldn’t miss.

  • You get to Capture Drama Literally:

Would you like to imagine your boy’s winning goal when he’s on the soccer field? Most importantly, wouldn’t you love to get it captured or even better dramatized for the moment it is. It’d undoubtedly be a super special moment and that too frozen in frame. This is what you call the Drama Shot mode where you get the opportunity to take up to 100 shots in a short burst which makes it possible to freeze each instant literally. After that all that’s required is to choose the bestpossible sequence to capture this action in motion. This literally enables you to give the memory a life of its very own.

  • You could Literally put yourself in Shot:

Then again there’s the scope of literally putting yourself in shot. No longer is there any need for you to ask any passers-by to take your family portrait when you’re vacationing. This is because there’s a 2 megapixel front camera that you get in addition to the many other camera features. You can now capture yourself in the family portrait for good.

  • Get those perfect Shots with Shooting Modes:

Now you can take advantage of practically 12 automatic shooting modes and that too on an interface that’s so very easy to use. You can easily and quickly adapt to the situation and then go capture the particular moment in a perfect manner. For instance, when you’re taking a close-up portrait, then you can use the Beauty Face mode. This helps automatically clear blemishes and delivers flawless results. Then again for a group photo, you could use the Best Face mode which enables you to select each person’s best look. Moreover, you can make your selection from up to 5 consecutive images and then go on to merge them into a single dazzling collection.

  • The Story Album Recounts your Precious Memories:

You can actually make a book and that too with your most cherished memories. You can actually do this with the help of the S4 camera feature Story Album. It allows you to arrange a complete and custom-made album oriented around a particular event or time period. This is something a fairy-tale feature telling your own story.

  • Your Voice says it all:

Now you can literally control the camera of Galaxy S4 with your voice. Gone are the days when you’d need to fumble over trying to press the screen in the right spot when both hands are full. Now it’s the time of Voice commands which allows you to use your voice to control the camera.

Now that you know about the amazing features that come along with the Galaxy S4 you know you’ve got to protect it right with so much at stake. Hence, visit to get the best.