Temple high school eyes self improvement

Temple high school eyes self improvement

There is nothing that can be able to imitate the speed of a game apart from a game itself and this is exactly what, the Tigers, the football team of Temple High School will get a chance to do as they travel to Westminster for a tussle in Atlanta. This is what the coach wants for such a young squad and even if the scoreboard was on, the coach will not be concentrating on the numbers on it. All he wants is just to watch as his team going to work.

football team of Temple High SchoolThe coach said that the only thing that can’t be imitated during the practice session was the speed of the game. During the game, the opponents will be fielding sophomores and thus this young squad will be facing sophomores and freshmen on the field. The coach has been warning the team that there are not playing with enough speed and they were not executing things fast enough. Even with the excitement of facing Westminster, likely to be one of the top 10 teams in the state, the coach said that he was more concerned about his team and watching them play than win against the opponents.

This tussle with Westminster will provide the team with a chance to evaluate how they respond to live game setting game situations. The team will most likely want to know how a big play or a turnover or a short 3rd or 4th on either of the sides would affect them. The coach predicted that the Westminster side would probably play a half with the varsity and then they would start bringing in the JV guys and the younger players. He further said that the team was looking forward to seeing the freshmen play as it would help them when they start playing the JV games too as most likely there will be freshmen who will want to be rotated in the varsity games.

The Temple High School football team coach said that for them, it was just great to see the team playing live and then later on tape and also facing another side. This would help the team to correct the mistakes they make on the field and also help to assess how well the players are taking the coaching.

In order for the team to win the tussle, they must be prepared for the team they are facing but the team is not really focused on wining against Westminster. Their focus may not even be on how they will play in the oncoming season opener against Walker. The team is team is only focused on how they will play. The coach said that it was a big thing for the team that they will be doing their stuff in the game. He said that regardless of the team they are facing, they would continue to do the things they think will make them successful until they become better. The tigers could then use this game in preparation of winning other games where the scores mattered.