How Technology Is Improving Learning From A Young Age

How Technology Is Improving Learning From A Young Age

The focus point of the classroom used to be the chalkboard until whiteboards emerged as a more practical and economical option for schools. Today, however, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are now gradually taking over. Moreover, as technology advances, it’s expected something greater will replace IWBs in the future, perhaps it could be 3D holographic learning boards.

Schools upgrade their resources for multiple reasons, three of which are to engage, motivate, and enhance each student’s education. A piece of technology that adopts these principles and more is student management software. As a result, it has many schools debilitating its benefits. For instance, student tracking systems enable school teachers and leaders, parents, and children to track attendance, updates, and, most importantly, each student’s learning progress throughout their school years. To explore more about how student tracking systems are helping to improve learning from a young age, we’ve detailed some of the benefits for you.

Parent’s Assistance  

Its vital children are encouraged to learn not just at school but at home too. Though most parents are not aware of what support their child needs unless the school notifies them. With traditional methods of tracking progress, a parent’s evening is usually arranged once a year to update parents on each students learning journey. But, with access to student management software such as the EYFS development tracker from Educator, parents can monitor the milestones, development, and areas their child needs further support with at multiple points throughout the year.

Confidence At School   

Students with access to the student tracking software can view their grades, attendance, and comments from their teacher to gauge how well they’re performing in school. Support from teachers is essential for building a student’s confidence in their learning capabilities.


A student management system also permits pupils and parents to contact teachers personally about school-related subjects. Communicating with teachers this way provides pupils a safe space to speak freely without the fear of judgment from other class peers. Plus, it also provides a way to contact a teacher if their time during the lesson was limited. Additional means of contact, allows students to confide in teachers about issues they are having with the work, so that the teacher may adequately support them in their education from then on.

Teaching Methods 

The method used by teachers to engage, educate, and nurture their students’ understanding of a subject considerably determines a student’s academic performance. With student tracking software, teachers, headteachers, and the school board have access to view the attendance and results of different classes. For instance, some lessons may have a higher success rate in a particular subject than others. In this case, the school can utilize the data provided and create a plan of action to advance the underperforming classes.

Technology is indeed improving education for people from a young age. Student tracking software, in particular, is an efficient way for schools to collect and organize essential data about their pupils. Data that can help the school leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses to determine what needs to change to improve each child’s education.