About tally course and Its Importance

Tally is one of the most popular accounting software used in India and there is a lot of demand in demand in small, medium and large enterprises. Knowledge of Tally is a fundamental requirement for many accounts. It is used for daily accounting, balance sheet fundamentals, inventory maintenance, preparation of separate reports for filling taxes etc. One of its major products is designed to make business accounting or bookkeeping, making processes more efficient.

Tally Course is very popular accounting software that helps in a small and medium business. There are all the tasks of accounting taxation and payroll which specifically require a missed business. Tally is easy to learn by itself, you only need some guidance as a book that you can easily find here in both English and Hindi.

For example (I often give this example to different people) Did you know that you maintain employee information in the tale? Everything about duties, work, profiles, groups etc., by its name. If there are many businessmen working in the business, then this can be a great feature.

Now with the introduction of GST (goods and services tax) in India, Tally will be used by more people than before. The reason for this is for the common people, Tally is going to software for accounting and it is only due to the simplicity of the telly. I have been using Tally since 2012 when I first learned from my principal during my CA accounting (internship). Since then, I have not found any other simple software compared to the tally for accounting.

The reason for this recommendation is because Tally does all those things that require a business when starting. And, not just the business, but you can also use the Tally for your personal accounting. For example, suppose you are a salaried person and invest in stocks, mutual funds and some other real estate investment.

You can easily pass entries for your monthly salary. Receipt entry
Stock market and mutual fund investment (with capital gains) – easily pass entries for stock market entries
You can also pass entries for investment in real estate. – General Payment Entry

And the best part is that you do not need to prepare balance sheets or profit and loss accounts or any reports because you are automatically prepared when crossing the entries.

Now for an example, if you are starting a general store business, then what do you want?

Sales and profit analysis
Taxation (GST, VAT, TDS, TCS)

Accounting is the basic function of the Tally and most people do not use any work other than Tally in accounting. Most of them will use inventory management and some taxation facilities.

The best thing in the tally is that when you make the billing entry, you do not need to re-create an accounting entry for that bill. This reduces the redundancy in large numbers of data entry. So, if you have a shop and you are billing by telephone, you or your accountant does not need to account for the same bill again.

Institutes offer tally course in Delhi by assuring high career opportunities. This easy computerized accounting course includes various aspects of accounting, such as taxation, inventory and payroll.