Studying Abroad Is Not Only A Craze But Also Beneficial

Studying Abroad Is Not Only A Craze But Also Beneficial

Nowadays there is a lot of craze amongst the young generation to go abroad for studies. Studying abroad has its own advantages because it gives a lot of exposure to the students to the different kinds of cultures and environments abroad. Also it gives the students the opportunities to become more independent because they have to take many decisions on their own, in the absence of any near and dear one to fall back upon, in times of difficult situations.

Studying abroad also helps the student in landing a work permit in that country, which is a dream come true for many people. While working in the other countries, the students again get a different kind of exposure regarding their work culture etc.

Studying AbroadThere are a lot of opportunities available as on date for students of all disciplines to study abroad but the procedures are quite tough and time consuming and hence the tie up of Indian Universities with Universities abroad is a welcome step in this direction.

Manipal University students will get to study now at Birmingham University

The University of Manipal has recently signed an agreement with Birmingham University wherein the students studying Physical Sciences and various branches of Engineering would be able to study last two years of their courses at Birmingham University, UK. All such students who successfully complete the first two years of their studies in Physical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences or Computer Engineering at Manipal University would have the option of going directly to Birmingham University to complete the last two years of their study at UK.

Students to get the degree of Birmingham University

All such students of Manipal University, who successfully complete the last two years of their studies at UK, would be awarded a degree by Birmingham University. This would benefit the students in getting a foreign degree, which many students yearn for and also it has its own benefits.

The benefit of a hundred years of excellence

The Birmingham University is a very reputed and respected name in academic circle all over the world and has been at the fore front of teaching and research in different branches of Engineering and Physical Sciences. The Senior Lecturer at Birmingham University, Steven Quigley said that they are looking forward to welcome brilliant students of these streams from Manipal University.

A new era begins

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University, Mr. H Vinod Bhatt states that the signing of this agreement between Manipal University and Birmingham University marks the beginning of a partnership in the areas of teaching and research in all these disciplines. This would pave the way for further collaboration in other fields of academics. As per Mr. Bhatt, they are also quite keen at research collaborations in the field of medicine and architecture as well apart from engineering and life sciences by using articulation agreement in engineering program for transfer of credit as a beginning.