Starting Your Own Salon? What Equipment Is Essential Now and What Can Wait

Starting Your Own Salon? What Equipment Is Essential Now and What Can Wait

Opening a new salon gives you the freedom to work for yourself doing something you love. With a smart business plan, you can turn your salon into something quite lucrative. Part of your business plan should involve laying out your budget. A large portion of your initial budget will go toward equipment. You want to buy quality equipment, so you may need to hold off on buying certain things right away. We will cover what salon equipment is essential from the start and what you can wait to buy.

Before Getting Started

Before you buy new salon equipment, you should clarify the services you plan to specialize in and where you will work. Some common salon specialties include haircuts, coloring, styling, extensions, manicures and pedicures, waxing facials, and other cosmetic procedures. Depending on how much space and staff you have, you may choose to start with only some of these services and expand to other services further down the road.

After you establish the specialties you want to emphasize, you need to examine your workspace for equipment and devices you can use for your salon, such as salon chairs. Make the most out of the space and resources you already have available before you buy what you need.

Salon Equipment Essential Now

To start, just get the basics for the services you will offer when you start. These should be high-quality so that they last, but you don’t need to buy everything right away. Some basic operational equipment to get yourself includes a laptop, appointment booking software, and a credit card reader. You will also need a washer/dryer for towels, a sound system for music, and a couch/magazine rack for the waiting area.

When it comes to the actual salon equipment, start with salon chairs. You can build your styling stations around the chair with proper lighting and large, hanging mirrors. The chairs you choose should be comfortable for clients but convenient for you. Look for easily adjustable chairs with good reviews from other salon owners.

You will also need high-quality tools, such as hair dryers, scissors, hand mirrors, hair clips, and racks to easily store and transport your tools. You also need items to keep your salon hygienic and sanitized, so don’t skimp on cleaning equipment.

Salon Equipment You Can Buy Later

As your business grows, you can include new services and comforts. For example, you can start by blow-drying hair with a hand hair dryer until you can afford hair drying chairs. You also don’t want to spend money on pedicure stations until you have adequate accommodations for your haircutting and styling services unless manicures and pedicures are your focus. Finally, you can add comforts, such as towel warmers and decorations down the line.

You can set yourself up for success by purchasing the correct salon equipment at the correct times. Start by setting yourself up for your main services and branch out from there.