Should We Be Teaching Website Building In Our Schools?

Should We Be Teaching Website Building In Our Schools?

In the technology-driven world we live in today, we want to make sure that our students are receiving the most valuable education they can get. This means our children should know how to use the Internet at a young age so they can be prepared for the high demands of competitive roles in the workplace, and be best prepared to face the advances in technology that are ever-changing. Learn the many great reasons why teaching website building (among other Internet-related tools) in our schools can lead to great rewards for our students.

Should We Be Teaching Website Building In Our Schools?

Technology won’t Stop, and our Kids need to keep up

Children are accessing the Internet at younger and younger ages, and even toddlers are learning how to use their parents’ iPads and other devices to access games, social media, and more on the Internet. But this doesn’t mean our kids really know how to use the Internet to their advantage, warns Most kids don’t know how to use the Internet to do basic web searches or how to set up more than an email account, which can lead to disaster when they try to enter the ‘real world’ of  research, website building, and more as early as college. Preparing kids today to learn how to use the Internet for more than Instagram and Facebook interaction will prepare them to create resumes, set up personal websites for small business, and even to do basic research for school and other projects at a young age, so these tasks aren’t so daunting in the very near future.

Technology-based Careers are on the Rise

Some of the highest paid jobs on the market today have to with the Internet, and students can learn valuable skills while still in grade school to help pique their interest in these lucrative careers. In teaching children that there is more to Google than looking up social media and games, they can learn to open their world in whole new ways and can build skills that will benefit them in college and work long after their grade school years are behind them. Even basic Internet and web building skills can help students succeed in the workplace, and can prepare them for great college classes and tech careers that will lead them to higher paying jobs and greater job retention. In learning these skills at an early age, students are more likely to advance and maintain beneficial knowledge in the technology field, and can have greater security when it comes to employment.

Teaching Web Building makes Learning Easier

Teaching web building skills (like the Website Maker by 1&1) shows students how the Internet works from the ground up, and gives them a whole new respect for the wide world of online information. In knowing what HTML means, how to design a website in general, and what a website is supposed to do, students can grasp the integrity of the Internet and know how to use the web to research, challenge, and update their own knowledge in both school and life. These skills and curiosity will grow with our kids as they learn to enjoy the Internet from its basic foundation on up. Students today are more exposed to the Internet and technology in general than students just a few years beyond them, and as we become a society that heavily relies on technology to make life easier, it only makes perfect sense that web building and other technology-related courses will be brought up in school. In teaching students at a young age how to manipulate the Internet and use it to their advantage, students can have a better chance at getting a great job in a competitive market later in life.