Samsung Galaxy S7: Amazing Features Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S7: Amazing Features Leaked

Samsung is going do a secret magic in the smartphones market by launching two Galaxy S smartphones in 2015. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is about to come in the market and later the Galaxy S7 could come up.

The fast charge technique in the smartphones of Samsung appeared for the first time the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and similarly Galaxy S6 would have. And later the extended battery technology would debut by the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7. As the rumors suggest for the Galaxy S6 battery, this should be able to hold enough charge four hours of service in just ten minutes, remains to be seen whether this is just marketing talk or Samsung will make it real is still a question.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Amazing Features Leaked

In the later December 2014, it was learned that that Samsung would equip its upcoming flagship with 4 GB of memory. Thus, it joins the league of other 2015 flagships, at least in terms of bandied fundamentals. When LG G Flex 2, Asus ZenFone 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro benchmarks are already a reality, hence these rumors are not rumors absurd. And Samsung should turn the performance into the reality with the S6.

Special features that are expected to happen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 include, the finger scanner to have been improved and now allow the device to actually unlock by just little pressure or touch. So far, Samsung proved enough with the sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but this time Samsung needs to do the miracle. Wireless Charging is another amazing features of the S7. Charging the smartphone is always comfortable, but still, the device must be set for at best a corresponding to Charging Pad, in which there is physical contact, or may be more than in the low range of centimeters distance. When loading via magnetic resonance electrical current using a magnetic field is transferred without contact between two coils (one at the source and in the smartphone) that are part of a resonant circuit. This is connected by a common resonance frequency. In this technology is the potential of a more flexible charging over distance, and many in the industry see it as the next big step. Samsung should let it go; it would prove to be a real innovator. This exciting rumor supposedly comes from Korea, that big distance charging might be seen in the Galaxy S7.

As of the mobile network supports, LTE Cat 6 taking hold in the current devices, with which you reach to the download rates of up to 300 Mbps possible if the network it will bear. Smartphones with this LTE technology previously regarded as future-proof. Reports from Korea According to Samsung, however, are not enough. There is already reported that Samsung working on Exynos chip, which has a Cat 10 LTE modem has on board, which allows download speeds of 450 Mbps in theory and in any case if Samsung able to achieve it then Galaxy S7 would be remarkable piece.