Puzzle Games For Your Brain Training

Puzzle Games For Your Brain Training

Every brain is different, just as each person is different. Therefore it is important to know one’s strengths and challenges, achievements and the land on which we must work harder. You can compare your results in specific skills with other people their age, sex and educational level. So you can get an idea of ??the things that can be improved and you can feel justly proud.

We all tend to turn to the situations in which we can shine. It is comfortable and positive achievements to get quick and easy. We often feel productive and effective when we do a job for which we know we are capable.

Our brain is able to adapt itself to the environment, creating new connections and even new neurons in certain brain areas. But can we actively train our brain?

The answer, based on extensive research, is a resounding yes. In a not very different from how we do with our body, the brain can be trained and their skills can improve every day. If we put the proper training and can promote this plasticity brain, improving cognitive skills and even preventing neurodegenerative diseases or impaired simply by aging.

We know that learning new skills and working on cognitive functions let you stay mentally fit. Practicing different disciplines, or a combination of disciplines, can create new connections in the brain and enhance cognitive reserve personnel. Therefore, on a “balanced approach” suggest you choose games that train the brain and cognitive functions such as memory, attention, reasoning, logic, concentration, language and visual-spatial skills. We suggest you to read iBrainy Blog where you will get the correct information on brain training and development. This program takes into account past performance and its strengths and weaknesses. Probably find that some games are hard and others easy, although the options and ranges of competition are similar. You will be guided through a series of exercises chosen below.

Thanks to different games, different trainings are important cognitive areas of our brain health but which also will notice changes from day to day. These games have been developed through intensive research of a multidisciplinary team in which we find psychologists, neuroscientists, physiologists or computer, each bringing their unique vision and, in this way, by creating games specifically designed for training in cognitive function.

Not all puzzles are good challenges. Many times I use games like Sudoku puzzles to streamline the mind, but the more you practice, the less useful they are, because they do not create new pathways in the brain but still using the old. To get train the mind we must face challenges that are both challenging for us but adapted to our level. In this way our brain creates new connections and adapts existing ones to enable us to deal with new situations.

Why online games?

It is clear that playing is more enjoyable to do other tedious tasks, but is it really possible to achieve equally satisfactory cognitive training with this technology, when compared to more traditional techniques?

The answer is yes. The results are not only similar, but superior: we are all motivated and we are happiest when we are having fun, and so certify numerous investigations.