How Psychometric Test Helps In Hiring Process?

How Psychometric Test Helps In Hiring Process?

Psychometric test plays a vital role in the recruitment process of any organization from Multinational Company to BPO to start-ups. The psychometric assessment is used to ascertain the candidate’s ability to understand the job profile and act accordingly. Whenever there is an opening in a company, a lot of candidates will be appearing for the interview. Hiring potential candidates from the pool of candidates are much difficult as it takes time. Moreover, it will be a headache for the recruiters to conduct face to face interview and choose a right candidate. Therefore, a psychometric test has arrived which helps in the hiring process to ensure that a company chose a right candidate for the job. There are different types of psychometric test out there; all seems to be same but the way of assessing the candidate’s skill is different. Here is some of the most important ability test.

  • Emotional Intelligence Test :

Emotional Intelligent Test is much like IQ test, which is used to determine whether a person is able to build the long-term relationship with client and customers. Also, it is used to measure a candidate’s ability to understand feeling, emotion and some personality traits. It is ideal for assessing candidate personal traits such as flexibility, relationship management, intelligence, self-assertion, intrapersonal intelligence and lots more.

  • Language Test : 

It is specially designed to assess the knowledge in particular language. For instance, if a recruiter post the job that needs Spanish –speaking skills, Spanish language test can be administered. The language test is much more beneficial in identifying the language skill of a person. It helps a lot to ascertain the candidate’s ability regarding grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, sentence structure and lots more.

How Psychometric Test Helps In Hiring Process?

  • 16 –PF : 

It contains a set of questionnaire that is generally used to ascertain a candidate’s personality traits. It is used to determine 16 personality traits include emotional stability, dominance, liveliness, rule-consciousness, sensitivity, vigilance, tension, perfectionism, openness to change, professionalism, reasoning, warmth, apprehensiveness, abstractedness, and self-reliance.

  • ABLE Series :

It contains set of 10 ability tests that are generally used to get the in-depth overview of a candidate’s capabilities. The questions compromise multiple choice questions.

  • situational Judgement Test (SJT) :

It is used to ascertain a candidate’s problem-solving skill. Problem-solving skill, decision making skill and judgment skills are some of the most important skill that a candidate must possess. By qualifying in this test, the candidate will be suitable for the job.

  • WaveTest :

It is a kind of practical exercise which is used to measure candidate’s ability to solve, analyse and prioritize. It is also used to measure their delegation and communication skills. Here, the candidate will be given an email inbox where he has to respond to some emails on time. It is just to determine candidate’s communication skill and professionalism.  A candidate who qualified this test will be able to respond fast to any corporate emails. Leadership Agility Assessment is the important ability test that a recruiter must implement to employ a potential candidate.