Processing Speed: The Cognitive Basis Of Intelligence

Processing Speed: The Cognitive Basis Of Intelligence

Psychologists who are interested in studying intelligence have moved beyond tests which measure a few aspects of intelligence. In an attempt to try to identify the basic cognitive mechanisms and processes that underlie intelligence, they have made some major developments in the field of psychological tests. A person’s cognitive skills enable them to score high on intelligence tests, and other tests of aptitude, attitude, and ability. A person, whose cognitive skills are active and sound, can excel in any work they undertake.

Microsoft Word test is one such test which assesses individual’s ability to use and being comfortable with working in Microsoft Word. In order to test a person’s cognitive basis of intelligence, first several test shave been constructed which are actually based on the findings of cognitive psychology and also on the individual’s growing understanding of many aspects of cognition. Kaufman assessment battery for children and Kaufman adult intelligence test deserves to be mentioned, among them. The Woodcock-Johnson test of cognitive abilities measures some important aspects of both crystallized as well as fluid intelligence in the person.

The intelligence of a person greatly dictates his ability of identifying spelling mistakes quickly, formatting them, previewing,and addition of pictures in relevant places, printing and also addition of tables, columns or rows in Microsoft word.A person who is well familiar with working, using and handling Microsoft Word should be very smooth in performing any kind of function in it or in the creation of fundamental reports and documents. Second most importantly, a growing body of research has focused on the finding that the speed with which individuals perform simple perceptual and cognitive tasks attributed as the processing speed, is often correlated with scores on intelligence tests.A person who has a minimum of knowledge in how to handle Microsoft word will definitely be capable of doing the following:

  • They should not face any problem in the proper creation and saving of any document. Also they should be very fluent in performing any kind of edits if required.
  • Candidates should be able to format any paragraph or text whenever needed smoothly and instantly.
  • There should be able to check and detect grammatical and spelling errors and also correct them.
  • They should be able to add rows, columns, charts,tables, smart art, wall art, pictures etc.
  • They should be able enough to create reports and proposals using the application.

Inspection time is another more promising cognitive measure of intelligence. It reflects the minimum amount of time a particular stimulus must be exposed to individuals, to make a judgement about it. It is such that it meets some pre-established criteria of accuracy. To measure inspection time, psychologists often used procedures in which individuals are shown simple drawings and are asked to indicate whether the longest side occurs on the left or right. Psychological tests are often full of such questions which assesses a candidate’s inspection time, required for such job posts. Participants are not instructed to respond as quickly as possible, rather they are told to take their time and be accurate.