Preschool Activities That Will Stimulate Your Child Mind

Preschool Activities That Will Stimulate Your Child Mind

Children are the sensory learners who always love to learn with the help of touch, taste and smell. They use these to understand and learn from the world around them. Once we see our toddlers we as parents wish to foster their imaginations. But with busy lives, kids are often confined to media, be it television or computers or even smart phones.

Kids have to be left with some inner space so that they can create their own pictures and have their own vision. If you have a toddler at home, then these activates are a must try as they help to foster the child’s imagination and act a stepping stone towards their creativity.

Preschool Activities That Will Stimulate Your Child Mind

Create Puppets:

Gather all the assorted items from your household like a strainer, a cleaned shoe box some paper cups, a flashlight and many such things which are not tiny or not sharp. You can ask your kid to then create a puppet show with these items being used as puppets. You will really be surprised with the kind of creatures and the characters your child would create.

The Nature Story:

You can go for a walk with your child and carry a paper bag along. Try and collect some nature objects, just one of each thing like one leaf, a flower and so on. After you come home, asks your child to weave a story around those objects by placing one by one for inspiration.

The Big Box:

Have you ever seen your kid playing with the box instead of the toy inside it? If you see that, then you can get a large box from a store and then set the same up at an open area in your house. Then you can let your kid decide as to what he/she wants it to be; a house or a cave. You can even give markers using which they can draw windows or doors inside and you can cut them out.

The Art Tales:

Kids can be taken to art museums; even a small local art museum is fine. Then you can ask the kid to stand at a distance and then decide as to which pictures he/she likes the best. Then you can ask them to walk up to the picture and look at it closely. You can even ask the kid to tell a story about what he/ she sees. Kids can also be encouraged with some open ended questions.

The Art of Brushless Painting:

While anyone can paint using a brush, you can choose various things from around the house that can be used by the kid to paint, but not a brush. You can use a piece of sponge, some broken pencils or even veggies and apples that are cut in half.  Just give them such things, some washable paint and you yourself can see what they develop.

The above mentioned are some of the preschool activities that will help stimulate your child’s mind.