Is Preparing For IIT-JEE Worth It?

Is Preparing For IIT-JEE Worth It?

Getting into an IIT is a status symbol in India. Every child in the country is bombarded with questions about their plans to get into IITs as soon as he/she reaches the 9th standard. The search for best books, best coaching center begins before breakfast is served on the table. The love for IITs is such that parents are more excited about it than the child.

Why this Craze?

IITs are the best that India has to offer when it comes to engineering and is a benchmark. A lot of media attention surrounds IIT, especially regarding placement and salary package. It’s not just about the money but also the status quotient that comes along with it.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the gateway for aspirants to take admissions in the coveted IITs. Aspirants flock in numbers to take on the JEE examination and go to great lengths to crack it. Detachment from anything that is fun or can be distracting is what it takes to become an IITian.

Such is the craze that aspirants camp in the JEE preparation hubs like Kota, away from home withstanding stress and pressure.

The IIT Advantage

IITs are not revered only in India but also across the world. Alumni of this great institution has made a mark on the global platform, adding to the name and the brand that is IIT.

The enlightenment and the quality of knowledge that an aspirant acquires in an IIT is unparalleled in the field of engineering in the country. The curriculum of an IIT is such that it molds a student to achieve greater things and adapt to the toughest of market situations. So, it’s not just the salary package that is the luring factor.

But is it really worth it?

Lakhs of students take on this exam with a dream of making it into an IIT, but only a handful of them gets selected. But is the stress, pressure, and weight of expectation worth it? Considering the number of seats in the IITs are drastically less than the number of applicants. Well, the answer lies what a student wants. There are lots of positives of being an IITian but is that what a student really wants? No one should be forced into doing something that they don’t want, as the outcome of it will not be a pretty one. Innumerable instances about students taking unspeakable steps when the results didn’t go their way have come to light. Getting into an IIT is not mandatory if the ‘want’ isn’t there but doing something meaningful with life is.

If it is a dream that being an IITian will fulfill one’s destiny, then taking all the necessary steps to clear JEE as it is worth every bit of it.


IITian or non-IITian, one needs to perform at the highest level when they are in the market. The tag of being an IITian will work like magic in placements, but if one doesn’t perform on the job, then that can result in adverse situations.

Appearing for JEE and being an IITian is just the journey for a worthwhile life, but how one lives it matters the most.