Preparing For Your First Professional Nanny Interview – Preparation Essentials

Preparing For Your First Professional Nanny Interview – Preparation Essentials

It’s all well and good being told to stay cool, calm and collected ahead of your first professional nanny interview, but it’s easier said than done when the future of your career is at stake. Just like with so many jobs and career areas across the board, the interview process for nannies really is of the utmost importance as this is exactly the kind of profession where skills and experience on paper don’t matter nearly as much as how you come across in person.

Suffice to say, there’s a fair bit of pressure on you to perform.

The good news however is that again, just like all other areas of work, preparation can help make what appears to be a terrifying process not nearly as harrowing as it might be. Whether looking to apply directly or through any of the leading nanny agencies in London, it’s simply a case of following a few simple pointers along the way and remember that it’s the ‘real you’ they’re interested in, not the person you pretend to be on the day of the interview.

Preparing For Your First Professional Nanny Interview – Preparation Essentials

Here’s an overview of key pointers to get you started on the right footing:

CV Refresh – Double-Check and Revise Where Necessary

If you have already secured yourself an interview, then chances are your CV has impressed the prospective employer and earned you some credit in their eyes. As such, you can expect certain elements of your CV to be brought up during the interview, so it’s important to once again go over it in detail and make sure that you can comment on and explain any and every area of importance. If anything has changed or there’s more to be added, make sure you do this and bring it up during your interview. And if you’ve made any claims as to your capabilities, talents and general personality traits, prepare a few examples of each to add evidence to your claims.

Know the Question They’ll Ask

While every interview will to a large extent be unique, there will always be certain questions that get asked in 99% of nanny interviews without fail. As such, there’s nothing to stop you researching these questions and being fully prepared to answer them when they’re asked. It’s not about memorising some spiel you think they want to hear from you, but rather relating things to your own experience. Why did you choose to become a nanny? How do you cope in times of crisis? Why did you leave your last job? Arm yourself with a list of common questions and make sure you can answer each of them fully and fluidly.

Approach It as a Chat

Don’t let the fact that it’s referred to as an ‘interview’ lead you down the wrong path – it’s actually more of a two-way conversation than a question and answer session. Roughly translated, if you sit there in stony silence and only ever speak when asked a question directly, chances are there won’t be any real opportunity for you to get your personality across. What’s more, the more it’s left to the interviewer to lead the conversation, the more diluted the impact on the part of the interviewee. You’re trying to convey your strengths and confidence while at the same time presenting yourself as a competent, capable and personable human being, so be sure to play a role in leading the conversation.

Remain Positive at All Times

At no point during the interview should you allow yourself to be steered toward anything negative or pessimistic, even if it feels as though it’s appropriate. The reason being that a nanny should represent the kind of flawless and relentless example of positivity and optimism the likes of which represents a rare and priceless asset. As such, whether it’s talking about the reasons you left your old job or why you chose to part ways with the family you worked with before, this is not the time to fall into the trap of talking negatively about either your past or your experiences. Quite simply, nobody wants to hire a negative nanny.

Do Your Homework

Last up, quite simply everything you could ever need to help make sure you nail the interview is right there on the web in the form of thousands of accounts from real nannies that have been through the process personally. It’s a simple case of being rewarded in accordance with how much effort you’re willing to put in – do your homework for a sufficient period before the interview and really there’s nothing to worry about.