A Parent’s Guide To Piano Introduction

A Parent’s Guide To Piano Introduction

If you are an accomplished piano player and would like your child to follow in your footsteps, this article was wriiten with you in mind. It might be that you never had the chance to get to know the piano until your teens, and now you would like to introduce your child to the wonders of this amazing instrument called the piano.

Start Early

If you are lucky enough to have a piano at home, then don’t be afraid to play in the presence of your child, in fact, many piano playing mothers played throughout their pregnancy, which is the perfect start for any child. As soon as the child is able, have them sit on your lap and gently explore the keys, and this should be a very free introduction, with absolutely no instruction other than perhaps demonstrating how to touch the keys.

Music Academy

Once your child has developed a love of the piano, regular lessons are encouraged, and if you wanted to sign up for piano lessons in Singapore, for example, there is a well-established chain of academies that offer first class piano tuition on a one to one basis. This typs of learning institution would be able to train the child regarding the traditional basic of reading music and learning the chords, then, with a structured course, not only the child’s skill is developed, they also learn more about the finer aspects of playing the piano.

Online Solutions

You might be wondering what is the best way to source a piano school, and if you live in Singapore, there is a well-known academy that has many branches, so there will be one near you. Their website would have course details and fees, and with online booking facilities, you can book an introductory lesson, which is the best way to evaluate things. Once you have visited the academy, you can talk with the administrator about the best approach for the child’s musical development, and with 45 minutes of one on one tuition per week, the young player will gradually master the fine art of tickling the ivories.

One on One Tuition

It is well known in the musical world that the best way for a child to learn how to play an instrument is with one on one tuition, which is given by a professional music teacher. No two students are alike, and the skill of the tutor is to discover the best way to engage the child, and with a structured plan in place, the child’s love of the piano grows, and so does their talent. One on one piano tutition isn’t as expensive as you might think, and by enrolling for more hours, the rates do go down, and with the help of the tutor, the child will quickly begin to develop at the desired speed, with weekly lessons advised at first, say 30-45 minutes.

If you would like to know more about one on one piano tuition, an online search will point you in the right direction and your child can begin to explore the wondrous world of the piano.