Paralegal Degree Program In New York

Paralegal Degree Program In New York


The ASA College offers an appreciative learning experience, concentrating on the practical skills necessary to become a successful paralegal with strong liberal arts base. The Paralegal Studies Program includes well established basic legal and paralegal skills as well as categorical topics of law, including torts and criminal law.

All graduate students will be trained to enter the job field as paralegals in small, mid-sized and large law firms, government, private and public agencies. After completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to draft legal documents and with the overgrowing technology, they can also conduct legal research both manually and through computer based analysis programs. Students will be given the opportunity to become legal practitioners with strong backgrounds in criminal, civil and federal practice. The course module of paralegal studies and the related learning objectives will be kept constant with those of the American Bar Association.

Paralegal Degree Program In New York

Paralegal certificate programs at ASA College provide internship experience to the students in their final semester, giving them an opportunity to input their knowledge and skills learned in course work. Students gather experience in courts, notably the Supreme, Civil, Family, Surrogate, Appeals, and Federal Courts. While working with our students, we ensure that when they accept their first paralegal position, they are organized enough to face and overcome the challenges as members of the paralegal profession.

Program Goals:

Upon becoming a graduate of Paralegal Studies Program, every student should exhibit the following qualities:

  1. Maintaining a pliable yet firm educational perspective adapting to the changes in the legal profession.
  2. Obtaining a whole packaged educational course that encompasses a balanced learning of general studies, a core paralegal program of study and other additional certificate courses of different arenas.

  3. Take part in top-grade academic programs with practical applications.

  4. Developing efficient skills and knowledge while becoming accustomed to legal theories and principles.

  5. Earn absolute respect for the profession, its foundations and morality.

  6. Believe in realistic approach and apply acquired apprehension in analytical thinking and reasoning.

  7. Take up professional responsibility by respecting the ethics and principles binding the paralegal field of study.

  8. Understanding the diversity in community and the sense to acknowledge individuals of different age, caste, race and economic backdrop.

  9. Heighten the ability to be verbally fluent to improve communication between clients and attorneys.

Career Outlook:

Every graduate of the ASA College’s has a wide range of career opportunities and advancements open before them. The Paralegal certificate programs open the door for students who are experienced and fulfil the necessary academic requirements to work as a Paralegal for a legal team. Upon graduation, students can pursue jobs hospitals, courthouses and corporate judicial departments.

Adding to other experience facilities that the college offers, there is the Legal Studies Division that aims at preparing students for the big next step in their educational career aspirations. Students are benefitted to receive this opportunity only if they want to continue with academics on a bachelor degree level and later to law school.