Online Tutoring Might Change The Way That Students Interact With Schools

Online Tutoring Might Change The Way That Students Interact With Schools

The more we think about it, the more we understand how deeply technology has affected our lives. Just think for a second: we socialize with the help of our smart-phones, we shop online, we receive courses online, we stay in touch with family through emails and many many more. We are so deeply connected to technology, that if we were to be left without it we would probably be as helpless as a new born baby. Nevertheless, as welcomed as technology is in our lives, it also means that we have to adapt and embrace it. Teachers, for example, might have to change the way that they perceive and use their skills, because more and more students have opted to continue their studies online. Change IS inevitable, and in order to continue a career in this field, teachers will have to turn to online tutoring.

Obviously, the job of a teacher is a difficult one, which requires a lot of discipline and knowledge, but the online medium is even more challenging for one important factor. In most cases, the class attendance is not mandatory (nor can it be done in real life), so teachers will have to attract students through goot tutoring classes and interesting information. Furthermore, online tutoring requires serious planning, timely delivery and preparation. Luckily for you, there are many amazing and useful sites which can help organize your lessons (click here for more info). So you won’t have to worry about teaching tools that much, but there are a few other things that you should do:

  • Publish, Share and Distribute Course Materials

Every class has certain materials that should be used. You may not need to upload an entire text book (especially because there are so many resource online), but you might want to share your own exercises, tests, and course notes in order to help students better understand the subject. You can make use of PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos and Wikipedia resources to enhance your class.

  • Deliver Engaging, Interesting Classes and Content

There are multiple ways for teachers to hold their classes online. They can either record themselves with the help of podcasts, they can have live classes, or they can simply record themselves. Live classes are definitely the most engaging (they can be done on webcam) because it makes it possible to interact with students, and answer their questions. I would recommend you to make use of alternative types of content in order to present information better. Don’t be afraid to add videos, content visualizations , mind maps or infographics, because they will make things easier for your students.

  • Create Online Tests for Timely Assessments

Proper assessment is a key aspect of online tutoring, and you should make sure that your students receive timely feedback in order to hone their skills. There are many programs that can help you create customized tests. For example, you can use the WizIQ pre-built question bank, or many other resources. The great thing about online learning is the fact that it has infinite possibilities!

  • Interact With Students Through Social Media

Social media is extremely important to the vast majority of students! If you are an open minded teacher you should definitely create your very own profile, where you can get closer to your students. Let them get to know you, talk to them, share information on social media, and try to form a bond of trust (which is usually formed in traditional schools).