Obama Makes Grand Proposals For Unemployment Eradication

Obama Makes Grand Proposals For Unemployment Eradication

The President of the United States, Barrack Obama urged his Republican mates to lay down grand bargain focusing to generate more jobs, rather than chalking plans for reduction in federal deficits. In his speech in Chattanooga, President Barrack Obama, urged the government to take initiatives to generate more jobs during the ongoing fiscal year.

Obama Makes Grand Proposals For Unemployment EradicationThe President’s theme of employment is not something new. Over the past several years, he has even adopted several means at the national level to support his move and even received applause when he defined job as an avenue to honor and dignity and independence. Obama also goes a step ahead to say that having a job not only is a private affair but also shows that a person is responsible towards his or her community and the country.

Among various innovative measures of Obama government, one, which deserves mention, is his plans to encourage foreign trade and commerce. He is hopeful that it will certainly mobilize the export of United States in a positive way thereby taking them further towards their goal. He did not forget to mention that not only the aim of the government is to increase the employment level but also to see that they are least exploited and given higher minimum wage. This move of Barrack Obama received wide support from the opposition, Republicans. They too are in favor of expanding trade and commerce. In their own job agenda, they have included energy production and education reform.

In order to achieve this, certain friendly measures need to be adopted and reformation of corporate taxes should be acknowledged. While addressing the middle class, Obama says that this reformation of tax will certainly not affect the small business houses and the families.

The President declared his desire of investing for training and motivating the potential work force, at a press conference, for which he even wants to set up regional centers and institutes to boost workforce.

Criticism is never far away when political parties are involved. Chairman of House Budget Committee, Republican, Paul Ryan strongly criticized such moves in the field of Corporate taxation. He accused Obama of channelizing the money elsewhere and actually hindering the job opportunities. The ruling party was fast in supplying their counter-reply. They argued that the President’s ideas and projects are purely for the development of the society and it is not subject to any politics.

Although both the parties differ widely in views and ideologies but there is still the need and space where they can compromise and negotiate to form a perfect bonding and work of the betterment of the country; be it for employment generation or corporate taxation. Evidently, Obama stresses on the point that as far as the politicians are concerned they should at once focus on the generation of jobs and not on the financial deficits. Even the government needs to be more alert when it comes to the creating forced vacancy. Incidentally, there have been recent job cuts in the public sector too.