Moving Forward: How to Plan For Your Future With A Disability

Moving Forward: How to Plan For Your Future With A Disability

To be successful in life, you need to have a plan that includes realistic goals and expectations. This is especially true if you have a disability, since you have already dealt with and overcome numerous challenges along the way. Now that you are looking ahead to your future, you know the many possibilities that exist for you in the years ahead. If you’re ready to move forward and do all you can to live life to the fullest, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting a Job

Just like anyone else, one of your biggest decisions will be getting a job so that you can support yourself. While in years past this was a bit more difficult for people with disabilities, many employers now emphasize diversity and inclusion within the workplace, and actively seek out applicants with disabilities to apply for openings. Thus, no matter what type of career you want, chances are there is an employer willing to give you a shot at success.

Use Available Services in Your Community

When making your future plans, getting in touch with and working closely with an NDIS provider will open up many doors to you regarding health care, education, employment, and much more. Since NDIS can provide you with information to various community services, you can find out about local support groups, what services may be offered by libraries, and much more. By knowing what services you are entitled to, you can be sure of getting help with whatever issues are most important in your life.

Finding a Place to Live

Along with getting a job, you will also need to find a place to call home. When doing so, remember that landlords are not allowed to discriminate against housing applicants based on disabilities. Therefore, don’t be afraid to look for housing wherever you wish. For example, if you plan on attending college, finding an apartment near campus can give you both independence and convenience.

Decision Making

Finally, make sure you have a strong support network of family and friends who can help you make important decisions along the way. This can be especially crucial regarding your finances, education, housing, and other matters that will play a large role in determining the course of your life in the years ahead. Whether it’s your parents or others you trust, having people to help make key decisions will give you tremendous peace of mind.

By bouncing ideas off of friends and family, working closely with an NDIS provider, and using your own common sense and good judgement, planning for the future will be fun, informative, and exciting.