How to Move Forward With Your Career After Getting Charged With A Crime

How to Move Forward With Your Career After Getting Charged With A Crime

When you’re dealing with criminal charges, it can be a very scary experience. However, if you have the right judge, criminal defense attorney, and jury, your entire life can still go on to great things. If you’ve been cleared of your wrongdoing, but it still shows on your record, this can impact your career. Consider the ways you can move forward with your career after getting charged with a crime.

Get a Good Attorney

The first step to moving forward will involve putting your charges behind you. If you can avoid going to jail or being convicted, you will be able to avoid putting a criminal offense on your record, which can impact job searches. Get a good criminal defense attorney to get started. Even if you do get convicted, a good attorney can help you get a lighter sentence and perhaps provide you with other advice and assistance about where you can go from there.

Be willing to Start from the Bottom

If you are convicted and you have a criminal offense on your record, employers have to take note of that. As a result, it can be extremely difficult to get a job. However, it’s not impossible. Even though you might feel like you’re overqualified, you may need to try starting at a position that you’re overqualified for. When you get a position, focus on working really hard to gain credibility. Once you get in the door, keep your eyes peeled for promotions or openings for higher positions. It might take eating some humble pie, but that effort can really pay off.

Get Letters of Recommendation

Contact those who know your work ethic and ability. Ask them if they’re willing to write letters of recommendation for you. If you have a great relationship with your former boss, consider asking them for a reference letter to vouch for your abilities and willingness to provide a company with the right skills.

Develop Entrepreneurial Efforts

If you’re not hired right away, this doesn’t mean that you should starve. While you wait, there are plenty of ways to make money on the side. Start a reselling business on sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace. Find great items to photograph and sell on the various sites. You can easily earn a couple hundred with that effort. In addition to reselling, consider other gigs that will allow you to make some quick money to hold you over until you find a full-time job. If you work hard enough with certain gigs, you might decide that you don’t need to go back to your traditional career.

Focus on Positive, Forward-moving Efforts

Don’t get stuck on your circumstances or your past mistakes. Instead, find ways to extremely hopeful and positive. Listen to motivational messages every day. Find people who can encourage when you’re down. During such a challenging time in your life, it’s so important to maintain a positive perspective.

Though this can be a very discouraging experience, be consistent and persistent with your efforts. There is life after a criminal offense. You can make a living for yourself and your family. Though you might come into some hardships, remain faithful with these tips. There’s success on the other side of your hard work.