Molded Rubber Parts Used In Most Machinery

Molded Rubber Parts Used In Most Machinery

Rubber is a versatile material that can be shaped into complex geometries and designs. Molding hardens the polymers to make durable rubber parts for different types of machinery. Here are the top molded rubber parts used in most machinery.

Rubber Seals to Protect Machinery

A rubber seal is used to fill spaces to block fluids or insulate components. They protect surfaces from corrosion caused by water and chemical fluids in the machinery.

Seals are useful where you need the conditions of two parts from mixing. As such, rubber seals can create an airtight barrier or prevent the loss of heat. Rubber moldings have high tensile strength, making them suitable for developing durable seals for heavy-duty machinery.

Rubber Washers and O-rings

A washer is a flat disk with a hole in the middle used for distributing loads, locking a seal, and reducing vibrations. Unlike their metal counterparts, rubber washers are more flexible. That means they can create a tighter seal in pipe connections or a hydraulic assembly.

O-rings are circular seals designed to prevent leaks in a variety of applications. Rothkopf rubber O-rings are non-abrasive, ensuring no wear on the equipment’s components.

Rubber Isolators to Stop Vibrations

Rubber isolators are also referred to as shock mounts, leveling pads, and bushings. They cancel out vibrations that can damage machinery. Isolators can be valuable in applications where the machinery needs to remain stationary and level.

The primary role of isolators is to prevent unnecessary wear and tear due to uncontrolled vibrations. Rubber isolators have many applications including, air conditioner compressors, diesel engines, and material handling equipment.

Rubber Suction Pads for Material Handling

The purpose of rubber suction pads is to manipulate materials such as glass panes, metal sheets, and wood paneling. Suction pads come in two varieties; flat and Bellow.

Flat pads are for materials with flat surfaces, like a glass pane. Bellow-shaped suction pads are ideal for manipulating irregular surfaces such as vehicle paneling or glass tubes.

Rubber Pads for Noise Isolation

The purpose of rubber pads is to suppress noise and cancel out vibrations. They range from desktop-size mats for table-top mixers to large platforms for the plant’s generator. Rubber pads are low-cost and present an economical method to suppress noise in the plant. They are also efficient and easy to maintain.

It is advisable to understand the application before using rubber parts and materials. Consider variables such as heat and corrosion in your application. Use quality Rothkopf rubber parts for the best results.