M Technology Contract Programming – A Promising Career

M Technology Contract Programming – A Promising Career

Many of the largest Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in the Unites States are written using the M (MUMPS) language. MUMPS – Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System—is a database language most commonly used within the healthcare industry. However, it is also used for banking, finance and other services. Since M technology contract programming is emerging as a popular database service within niche markets, it is a viable option for IT programming professionals.

What is M Technology Contract Programming?

M technology controls massive databases by using sparse array and other unique features. M programmers monitor and maintain information systems within the healthcare and other industries. They are often hired based on contracts which last for a few months or even years. These programmers are expected to know various standards within the industry including but not limited to HL7 and EDI interfaces. Many job opportunities in MUMPS programming require the following skills:

•    Code development

•    Performance of software testing

•    Compilation and analysis of data

M Technology Contract Programming - A Promising Career

MUMPS and the Healthcare Industry

Those who are interested in working as an M programmer in the healthcare industry will have access to many opportunities. This is especially true due to the transition of many hospitals to paperless recording via EHR systems. Currently, companies such as the following use M technology:

•    Partners HealthCare

•    Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS)

•    GE HealthCare

•    Coventry HeathCare

•    Epic Systems

A study in 2009 revealed that most US hospitals do not use computerized records. However, recent government initiatives seek to remedy this problem by offering monetary incentives to hospitals and healthcare professional who transition to EHR systems. These programs are called Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentives. The implementation of these government programs could result in a demand for thousands of M programmers due to the fact that the M language is ideal for healthcare databases.

How to Maximize your Chances of Success as an M Technology Programmer

As in other fields, success in M technology contract programming is not a guarantee. It takes more than skill to land lucrative jobs and establish yourself within niche markets. Those who want to maximize their success in this area should consider the following:

• Become an expert by learning more programming languages: Knowing one programming language will not make you an expert. Learn as many languages as you can. This will give you a deeper insight into the world of programming and prepare you for greater opportunities within the IT sector.

• Search for opportunities online. The Internet is a dynamic platform which offers tons of opportunities. For this reason, search for job posting online. In addition, network via social media or develop new skills online.

• Know the industry and be prepared to impress potential employers. The IT industry is constantly changing as technology rapidly develops. Ensure that you are aware of the latest advancements within the industry. Be prepared to exceed the expectations of potential employers.

M technology contract programming is a promising field, particularly within the healthcare industry. Those who learn MUMPS and other languages can significantly increase their chances of success within the IT sector.