Keep Your Employees Connected Even When You Run A National Company

Keep Your Employees Connected Even When You Run A National Company

Every great boss knows connected, happy employees mean higher rates of productivity. However, you’re also a busy person. It’s not easy to make sure that people feel connected, especially while running a large national company. Here are four fantastic ways to increase employee engagement and unity.

Define Strong Company Values

All companies have values. If you run the company, your company’s values likely reflect your personal morals. Therefore, you probably have a stronger connection to your company’s values than your employees. This stronger connection means you are missing out on a great way to get your workers to feel connected. Everyone wants to feel like they are doing something meaningful in life. They want to have a role and a purpose. Clearly communicate your company’s values to your employees and give them active examples of how they can contribute to those values. This communication ensures that your company works as one with a unified vision.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Many companies have disconnected employees because they use low-effort and unoriginal techniques to get people to socialize. No one wants to go to an event that wastes their time. Respect your employees and have events that are personalized and fun. It can be as simple as an office poll for a “Would You Rather?” question. Make sure to get their feedback and ask for their ideas to put together something truly unique.

Have Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

It has become vital during recent times to accommodate workers staying at home. However, this has also left employees feeling more disconnected from their job and company. A great solution is to have virtual and hybrid meetings that allow everyone to communicate. Remember to make sure that they aren’t just time-wasters, though. Establish a work routine for hybrid or virtual workers that provides plenty of opportunities for engagement and interaction. Use a service like AVEX to make your virtual meetings entertaining and interactive. 

Recognize Your Workers

Especially if you run a large company, it can be hard to keep track of all the names and faces of your employees. This tip isn’t for you to waste your time trying to memorize everyone’s information for a few minutes of mindless chitchat. The point is that you should have systems in place where each of your employees feels recognized and important. You also need to recognize them in a broader sense of understanding the work culture.

Hopefully, you can immediately implement these four practical tips to keep your employees connected while running a giant company. A company with workers that feel like a community is a strong company and one that will succeed in the long run.