John Kim’s Latest Process Of Online Teletherapy Receiving Accolades

John Kim’s Latest Process Of Online Teletherapy Receiving Accolades

John Kim is drawing lot of accolades by breaking traditional rules of psychotherapy with his elementary practice through a popular blog at Tumblr. The American Psychological Association will take necessary decision if the therapist from Los Angeles would require following certain prescribed rules or not.

The 40-year old Korean-American Los Angeleno, John Kim claims to be the first licensed Marriage Family Therapist of the world, who has initiated public practice by treating patients through an on-growing community over the internet. According to the therapist, he is the first ever psychotherapist to acquire a genuine license for practicing. He has even built his client base with a number of patients whom he had met over the internet.

TeletherapyAccording to reports, the APA or American Psychological Association would call for a meeting this week, to cast vote in order to form certain sets of guidelines that would ultimately govern telepsychology. Experts are also of the opinion that in the coming years over 90 per cent of such therapies would be performed remotely. However, these guidelines would certainly aim to cover several unanswered questions surrounding the effect and nature of telepsychology related to the community for mental health. However, all recommendations initiated by the association needs approval from state board.

The blog operated by Kim has more than 100 clients and 3000 followers of Tumblr. Kim even believes that he would be able to tune up the present image of talk-therapy and other practices for self-improvement. He even charges $9 per month from the members of his website.

The process of teletherapy that Kim is undertaking through the modern internet platform has also given rise to a pertinent question. This latest technique has even questioned the necessity of self promotion and individual online brands related to the practice of various forms of distant therapies.

John Kim pursued a career as a counselor of resident treatment facility center. After he was staggering with divorce from his wife, John took to the platform of Tumblr and started operating The Angry Therapist to offer viable counseling service as a licensed psychotherapist. His blog on the Tumblr turned out to be an online bona fide brand with extensive support staff, slogans, grant funding, e-books etc.

In his early life, Kim was an angry guy with a fraught relationship with his father. However, he has matured a lot with time. He loves to have greasy hamburgers and rides motorcycle. However, he is a Crossfit devotee and uses biceps in order to prove it.

Marlene Maheu reports that there are innumerable licensed family and marriage therapists and related psychologists practicing online telepsychology through online tools of Google hangouts, Skype and even blogs. The therapist is associated with Telemental Health Institute and even serves exceptional task on APA’s telepsychology.

Kim is of the opinion that his innovative approach would revolutionize the therapy and associated industry of mental health. He follows an exceptional role that a therapist should undertake while treating clients. Kim even treats his clients in-person; but for those living at far off places, his online therapy sessions have certainly proved to be a boon.