How to Pitch Marketing Services to Small Businesses

How to Pitch Marketing Services to Small Businesses

If your marketing services business caters to small businesses, then it’s critical to know how to pitch your services to those clients. While many businesses – large or small – have some basic needs in common, small businesses often require a bit more personalized services. This blog post offers you four things you can do to attract more small business clients to your marketing services business.

Look Like a Legitimate Business

When making claims about what your business can do, make sure that everything you do makes your business look like it’s on the up-and-up. Don’t make outlandish promises, like saying you can boost the client’s web traffic by 1000% in one month (for example). You want your potential clients to see you as a professional they can rely on and trust. Aside from this, any client who wants outlandish, unrealistic results in a short amount of time will be difficult, if not impossible to work with and to please.

Be Willing to Educate Your Potential Clients

This is a corollary to the paragraph above. Many clients may end up being perfectly legitimate clients but might need a bit of educating before you can both be on the same page. When you’re offering your marketing services to small business owners, be willing to educate them on what about realistic versus unrealistic expectations. This helps you manage your clients’ expectations and to have a smoother relationship in the long run.

Offer Many Types of Marketing Services

The more types of services you have to offer a potential client, the more chances you have to land that client. If you don’t have the staff to do that, then think about doing a bit of white label marketing. White label marketing is essential outsourcing specific tasks to another agency or freelancers that completes the work and reporting under your brand. This not only enables you to support more clients and whatever they need, it also enables you to focus on what you’re good at and let those that are good at the other services do so to maximize the time and needs of the clients. 

Know The Business’s Goals and Priorities

As a marketer, you can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is. For example, you may want to sell your potential client SEO writing services when what that client needs is someone to run his/ her social media accounts. The best way for you to land that client, provided that you offer the services required, is to find out what that client needs and shape your sales pitch to those needs. Don’t try to make the client fit your agenda. Figure out a way that you can fit the client’s agenda.

Final Thoughts on Marketing to Small Businesses

The success of your marketing services business depends upon how well you can market your services to the small business owners you hope to attract. Preparing your business pitch ahead of time and catering to your potential client’s needs gives you the best chances of meeting with success in this endeavor.