How to Improve Your Grocery Store’s Display Cases

How to Improve Your Grocery Store’s Display Cases

Of course, customers are drawn to colorful, fresh-looking, and neatly organized shelves of food. Naturally, grocery stores that display their food in an appealing way are more likely to make more sales. Here are some things you can do to make your grocery store displays yield more for you.

Display Cleanliness

It’s important to keep grocery display cases clean at all times. Remove unnecessary stickers or labels from displays, making sure that essential labeling is easy to read and presentable. Clean the cases regularly using a glass cleaner and soft cloth. Sanitizing cleaners are a good option for non-glass displays. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt or dust from inside the case, as well as any ventilation grills on or above units with motors. Inspect for signs of pests, including insects and rodents, and implement extermination and sanitization if any trace of pests are found.

Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance keeps displays looking inviting and appealing. It also saves money on repairs and replacement. Inspect cases often, ideally during routine stocking. Check for visible signs of wear and tear, scratches, dents, or broken components. Repair or replace damage as quickly as possible, especially when it compromises the cleanliness or function of your display case. Inspect all seals and gaskets to make sure they are in good condition and properly sealed. Replace light bulbs as needed, and closely monitor temperature controlled units. Hussman case parts and parts from other reliable brands will keep your display cases looking sharp and working dependably, and have experienced technicians who can make this one less thing for you to worry about.

Visual Draw

Attractive grocery store’s display cases can influence customers’ purchasing decisions, which is why grocers increasingly use creative displays to boost sales. In addition to cleanliness and routine maintenance, you’ll want to make sure products are well-organized, and easy to find. Group similar items together, using labels and signage to indicate product information. Rotate stock often to ensure freshness, pulling products that are outdated, or have damaged packaging. Keep the cases stocked at all times, adding in holiday and seasonal items when possible, for variety and flair.

Grocery display cases aren’t simply a landing spot for inventory. They are spaces where strategy and careful planning convert to revenue. They are also the focus of licensing agency inspectors. By following these tips, store owners can create displays that will attract customers, boost sales, and pass inspections with ease.