How To Give A Playground A Complete Makeover

How To Give A Playground A Complete Makeover

There comes a time when a playground will need a complete makeover in order to give it a brand new lease of life. There are several ways to do this without spending lots of money and placing a strain on the finances.

Paint The Concrete

Grey concrete looks incredibly dull, especially after it has been raining heavily. The best way to solve this aesthetic problem is to paint the concrete in different and vibrant colours. Patterns and drawings of flowers, animals or people are the most effective designs.

You will make children feel happier and more excited if they are playing in a colourful environment.

Put Interesting Equipment In The Playground

Playgrounds can become boring if all the equipment is run-of-the-mill without being exciting. You can choose lots of unusual equipment to put into the playground to ensure that it is constantly invigorating for the children.

Unusual pieces of equipment include assault courses and zip wires. Make sure that the equipment is extremely stable so that people will not injure themselves in the process of having fun. When children know that there are unusual things to play with in the playground, they will not be able to keep away for long. Advice, inspiration and materials to transform your playground are available everywhere you look.

Put “Old School” Games In The Playground

The fundamental elements of a playground haven’t changed much over the years, but there are still some things which are seen as “old fashioned” and they are not included in every school playground. One common game that used to be played was hopscotch, but this is something that the current generations of young kids don’t play so much.

You can draw the outline of a hopscotch grid on the floor with some chalk. Choose multiple different colours so that the chalk will stand out against the colour of the concrete. Reds, blues, yellows and pinks are some of the most common colours. Once the kids notice that there is a hopscotch grid in the playground, they will want to play all of the time.

Replace Old And Rusty Swings

Swings can become broken and rusty if lots of people are using them each day. Chains can snap and the seats can buckle. You need to replace the swings are soon as problems start to develop because people can injure themselves if they fall off.

New swings will be incredibly secure and they will last for a long time without needing to be replaced. You can compare several different makes before choosing the right kind of style which is required.

Give The Slide A Complete Clean

The slide needs to be kept completely clean, otherwise, people will get dirty on the way down. This can put some children off using the slide. It should be cleaned regularly and swept free of any debris that gathers there.

Giving the playground a makeover is simple if you follow these easy steps. Remember that problems need to be dealt with quickly.