How To Avoid An Abandoned Trademark Application

How To Avoid An Abandoned Trademark Application

Applying for a trademark can be a lot of work. However, resurrecting an abandoned trademark application can be even more work. Instead of letting the hard work you’ve put in, and the money you’ve spent, go to waste, you need to work hard to avoid an abandoned trademark application. The good news is this easy to do. All it really requires is paying attention and being on top of things to prevent wasted time.

How To Avoid An Abandoned Trademark Application

Update Contact Information With the USPTO

You want to make absolutely sure your contact information is always up to date with the USPTO. Failure to update your cell phone, home phone, email address, or home address can result in requests not reaching you. This could then lead to an abandoned application. Any time there’s a change in your contact information, be sure to follow the steps to update that information with the USPTO. It takes only a few minutes and ensures you get all the requests for information from the application office.

Check Status Regularly

Another easy tip you can use to keep your application from being abandoned is to check the status of the application on a regular basis. If you notice that it seems to be stuck at one stage for longer than expected, you can call and check on the status. Chances are more paperwork is needed and for some reason you didn’t receive a notice. Checking the status will also give you peace of mind that things are moving along as they should.

Respond Quickly

Last, but not least, have everything you could possibly need to process the application handy. This allows you to send information as soon as it’s requested. When you get a request, make sure you send it out ASAP. Do not put this off for any length of time or your application could be abandoned. It helps to have a folder on your computer with the needed information so that you can print off the information immediately. Another option is to keep all the paperwork in one location so that it can quickly be scanned and printed. The quicker you get the paperwork mailed, the quicker your application will be processed.

The time it takes to get a trademark application processed will really depend on how you respond to the requests. Of course, receiving requests will require you to keep your contact information updated. You will also want to check your status regularly to make sure the application is moving along as expected. Remember to also have needed information handy so that you can respond to requests ASAP.  Otherwise, you could hold up the process to the point that the application gets abandoned.