How To Achieve Your 10 Year Vision

How To Achieve Your 10 Year Vision

“How do you see yourself ten years from now?”

This question can spark a million thoughts in your head that can either excite you or scare you. No matter what your reaction is to that question, the fact remains that having short to long-term visions for the future is a good thing for both the aspiring young ones and the hopeful adults. It’s not as easy as planning for a holiday though, but here are a few things you might want to go over first to make the whole process easier.

How To Achieve Your 10 Year Vision

Your Interests Vs. Your Hobbies

The things you are interested in may differ from the things you enjoy doing in your pastime. You might profess interest for the thought of camping, for example, but tend to prefer painting inside your room rather than braving the great outdoors. Personal interests and hobbies can help you find what you are truly passionate about, which can help you decide on what career path to take.

Your Dreams Vs. Your Goals

Dreams come from the root of your childhood ambitions. Perhaps when you were younger, you dreamed about being a pilot. But as you grow and reality starts to have its influence on you, you’ll slowly redirect your ambitions to something that are more attainable. You’ll then start having goals. Now, goals aren’t alternatives either; they are stepping stones for your dreams. You can’t be a pilot if you won’t graduate in high school first, and you can’t practice flying if you don’t have a degree in aviation.

Your Time Vs. Your Attention

How much time do you think it would take you to get to where you want yourself to be in the future? Are you really positive that you can stick to a single plan for a good ten years of your life without getting attracted by another idea that might seem easier to achieve? Long term plans require a lot of patience. You can’t have what you want in a flash; you have to work for it to happen.

If you aim for a career in the business industry, getting an MBA course is regarded as the ultimate business studies degree. This means you need to allot a couple of years in a graduate university. Do not assume that you are wasting time just because you are still continuing with your studies. If you want to succeed, you shouldn’t cut corners. If you need specific knowledge for a specific career, then take all your time to learn it and keep your attention on it.

Your Inspiration Vs. Your Motivation

A certain celebrity, a close friend, or a co-worker can make you want to do better in a certain interest or task. On the other hand, the thought of your family or that ideal life is what pushes you to wake up every single day and get moving. Use all your sources for inspiration and motivation to fuel you in your career. Since they have an impact in your life, they can lead you to a better direction. It’s nice to have somebody to look up to, as well as someone who can keep you going.

Your Needs Vs. Your Wants

The process of looking for your place under the sun can be difficult. It’s your survival against your desires. Your needs should always come first. For example, you need to pay your bills, so you have to set aside shopping for later.

Your Priorities Vs. Your Responsibilities

Sometimes one of your responsibilities can’t be your priority. It is your responsibility to be a good graduate student or employee; however it’s your priority to be always there for your family. In a situation where you have to choose among the two, of course, you will choose what you prioritize. This means that within the span of ten years, you might have to sacrifice a thing or two to get what you really want.

Your Heart Vs. Your Mind

Of course, you are going to encounter internal conflicts along the way. You can either be emotionally or logically driven; but depending on how you choose to react, your decisions and reactions will certainly affect the outcome of your goals. So weigh down which matters most to you. Are your plans for your own good only, or are they also for those around you who need your support?

Your Happiness Vs. Your Reality

Look at your current situation. Are you happy about it or are you yearning more? Reality can be harsh at times, and it might not allow you to get what you really want for yourself. Don’t let this stop you though. Keep in mind that you are not the only person in the world who is struggling for betterment in life. So just continue working hard and keep an eye on opportunities.

Your Present Vs. Your Future

Is it really possible to get from one low point to a higher point in ten years’ time, or do you think you’re being too ambitious for your own good? The truth is there’s no assurance of what can and can’t take place within a specific span of time. Nobody can predict things. However, in a situation where you’re beginning to doubt yourself, it’s always better to be optimistic. There are plans that can easily happen, but there are also some that need slow developments.

Your Determination Vs. Your Restraints

Everything is not within your control. Over the years, unexpected changes can take place. You might be short on your finances, you might get seriously ill, or your parents might stand in the way. These can possibly stop you from accomplishing your plans.

Find time to think everything through. Sometimes unexpected events serve as wake-up calls. Take it as a sign to open your mind and widen your options. Maybe there is a better career for you to take or a better opportunity for you try.

Ten years might seem like a long time, but in a blink of an eye, its fast approach could surprise you. You might not get what you expected once the ten years passes, and you might end up going on a different direction than what you originally planned. But that’s only normal. Just don’t give up on your vision without even trying. Remember that failure is easier to handle than regret.