How Data Management Software Can Keep Your Companies Organized and Secured

How Data Management Software Can Keep Your Companies Organized and Secured

Improvements in technology have given businesses and organizations the capabilities of storing large amounts of company and customer data. While this has allowed companies to better track their business data and serve their customers, it has also brought about some new challenges. Today, managing this vast volume of data has become a major concern for companies across the country. Not only do businesses need to worry about the security of their stored data, but they must ensure that their system is always operating at peak performance. Data management software can help these businesses with both challenges by keeping their data organized and secure.

How Data Management Software Can Organize Data

The more organized and up-to-date data files are kept directly affects the efficiency and speed of the overall file system. Unorganized data files can slow down the system and become a costly problem for businesses. Not only can it take valuable time away from their management team and reduce productivity rates, but it can also limit their ability to serve their customers effectively. Data management software keeps your files organized and up-to-date, so your system can always run at peak performance. Here as a few specific ways in which this software can keep your files organized.

Update Files

Through the course of weeks, months and years, old and unused files and software often sit dormant within the company’s file system. Through proper data management, your  file system can be cleaned up by purging these old and unused files. This will help to keep your system operating smoothly.

File Security

Data management software can quickly and efficiently determine who has rights to read or delete certain files. This is important for compliance issues such as does someone have access to financial or HR files that is not supposed to have access.

Customized Reports

Customized reports are one of the top benefits of using data management system because it provides you with an instant overview of data within the system. Having the ability to customize your reports gives your business the flexibility to track vital data that is important to your specific workplace environment.

How Data Management Can Protect Data

Data security is also a vital component of managing online data files for your business and your customers. In an age where everyone is worried about identity theft, just one breach in your system could cause you to lose many valuable customers and also prevent new customers from trying your goods or services. Data management software provides added security features to ensure your data files remain safe and out of the wrong hands. Here is a look at these top security features.

Access Control

Access control is one of the most important features that can be put in place to protect online data. Data management services can help control this access by setting secure passwords, removing former employees’ access rights from the system, providing new employees with the proper access level, and keeping everything up-to-date to ensure that only the proper people are provided access to the files.

Audit Trail

An audit trail is equally important, as it track who accessed what data files and when. It gives you instant feedback and can alert you if someone without proper authorization has gained access to private records.  This audit trail can provide vital information if there ever is a breach in security and can very quickly identify the source.

Active Directory Monitoring

Active directory monitoring will help to eliminate any security threats before it becomes a problem. Proper monitoring with Active Directory management and monitoring (or auditing) tools can detect errors or possible breaches in the system so you can make instant corrections to limit the risks.

 This is just a brief look as some of the valuable organizational and security measures that are put in place when using data management software. This type of software can save your business in both overall costs and staff time by offering a fast and efficient system that provides accurate security for your confidential data. This will allow you maintain high production levels, effectively serve your customers, and significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.

Written by Steve Garms at Visual Click Software, a company whose vision is to provide software solutions that enable customers to reduce the time, complexity and costs of managing their network security.