What Is A Good School or How To Choose A Good School?

What Is A Good School or How To Choose A Good School?

A good school will improve the society. It will provide ability to student to choose what is right or what is wrong? It should be able to adapt quickly to human needs and technology change. A respectable school speaks the language of its students, doesn’t make empty promises, never-ever mislead or misguide student or parents. Here we are listing the features and facilities provided by good school. This will help you to choose the best schools for your kid-

Features of a Good School

  • A good school should have a proper record of attendance of the students. So that, you can have a check on your ward. Now-a-days many schools offer facility to check attendance online on the student portal.
  • School staff should be in touch with parents regularly for the betterment of the child. Parents and teachers should update the status of the child to each other. Support from home and school both will help the child to overcome his inadequateness. Some of the Top Schools in Chandigarh is already practicing it.
  • A good school helps the student to separate insignificant knowledge from vocational knowledge, vocational knowledge from academic information, and academic information from applied facts.
  • Teachers of the school must find ways to encourage and involve children in various events, so that students struggle for excellence in academic as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Principal of the school should be pioneering and inspiring. He should be student-centered in his conclusions and provide them the necessary support and training wherever required.
  • A school must have a harmless environment. Zero acceptance of violence, mistreatment, drugs, liquor, attacking weapons, stealing, sexual misbehavior and gangs.
  • Heavy importance of positive ideals such as admiration, morality, hard work, willpower, justice and care.
  • A good school must have a facility to check the syllabus. So that parents come across to what is going on the class and how much their child knows.
  • School should not be in favor of any particular religion and must give equal importance to every religion, they must have a holiday on festivals and they should celebrate the festivals in school as well, so that children know the cultural and religious value.
  • School should be against of bad cultural practices – racism, income difference, sexual preference, illiteracy etc.

Facilities Required In School Now-A-Days

  • School must have Science Laboratories, Mathematics Lab and Computer Lab. So, those children can get not only bookish knowledge but also the practical knowledge.
  • As the technology changes the blackboards are now replaced by smart-boards. It is easy for students to understand anything in animated or video form.
  • A good school should have a playground for lawn tennis court, cricket pitch, basketball court, and other outdoor activities for mental and physical fitness.
  • School should take students to educational trips at regular interval so that they can understand the diversity in climate, flora, fauna, culture, land, etc.

These points will help you to locate best school around you. If you are looking for school in Chandigarh we can help you with our list of Best Schools in Chandigarh.