How To Get Started On A Trucking Career In 2020

How To Get Started On A Trucking Career In 2020

Trucking is an industry that always seems in high demand. With the recent pandemic, there’s no denying the fact that truck driving is a career that you can count on. If you’re considering getting started in trucking in 2020, here are some helpful tips to get you started out right.

Get Your CDL

While not all trucking jobs require that you have a commercial driver’s license, many do. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to obtain your CDL to start your trucking career. Don’t rely on trying to find jobs that don’t require it or simply waiting for the job to train you. Many companies only hire recruits that have an existing CDL.

Decide If You Want to Be An Entrepreneur Or Not

Trucking is a career where you have the luxury of either working for a specific company or choosing to schedule your own runs. If you opt for working for a designated company, you’ll be instructed on what runs to take and given access to a company truck. If you decide to schedule your own runs, you’ll need to purchase or lease a truck from a provider like Arrow Truck Sales. While choosing your own runs allows for more flexibility in your life, it’s also important to note that working for a company allows for consistent work.

Familiarize Yourself with Payscales

The trucking industry tends to be paid in different ways than other careers. While some companies may offer a set base pay amount per hour, they all offer a set pay per mile. You may find that a scheduled run will only pay you by the mile, not hourly. This can be quite different from what you may be used to, so it’s important that you take the time to understand just how you’ll be paid.

Decide Where You Want to Drive

Trucking jobs come in all different lengths. You can opt for a trucking job that only takes you on trips in your local area. This will ensure that you get home every night for dinner. Or, you can opt for a job that takes you across state lines or even across the country. These jobs offer more scenery and exploration than local jobs. It’s best to determine what radius you plan on traveling before you look for a job as it will be a big determining factor in which job you choose to take.

The trucking industry is taking off like never before. People are realizing more and more the power of the trucking industry. If you’re considering jumping on board, then you should be utilizing the tips above to get you on the fast-track to your new trucking career.