Ensure Your Kid Gets A More Personalized Education

Ensure Your Kid Gets A More Personalized Education

While the ready-made dress manufacturers may sternly believe in One size fits all theory- it definitely is not a good idea for the education of your kids. It may not be possible for teachers at all times to give undivided attention to individual kids, no matter how reputed the school is. If you think the kids are not getting required education at schools, step in to fulfill the deficit. This does not mean a direct confrontation with school authorities though. With the below mentioned tricks and tips you can ensure your kids get the lessons without feeling bored or stressed out in the tender years.

A Counselor may Help

Counselors are not only restricted to fixing marriage on rocks or dealing with substance abuse etc. You can take your kid to an education counselor to find out what ails his or her progress in linguistic or science. Some kids may not be able to express their exact cause of difficulty in particular subjects to parents. This will help discover ways to resolve such issues.

Pre-Teaching a Lesson

If you know your kids detest a particular subject, you can offer an extended hand of help. Pre teach a lesson in science that will be covered in school next week. This will help the boy or girl cope with the topic better.

Education Outside

It is not mandatory that all lessons need to be imparted inside the house within four walls! At times, you can teach kids by taking them out. Take them to a zoo and teach basics about animals and birds. They will remember the lessons very deeply indeed. Even an evening trip to a park can help you teach the kids about nuances of nature in a far better way than the usual. The possibilities for out of the box teaching are literally endless and you have to take your pick.

Find out what the Toddler Likes

Not everyone likes learning math or language the usual way. You can use real world examples to teach him basics of calculation and know what the kid likes. For example, you can use pizza slices or bread pieces to teach basics of fraction in math. This will take away the boredom factors associated with learning various subjects.

Keep a Track on Progress

Do not mimic those parents who rely on schools and teachers about the progress of their kids education.  Ensure that your kids score consistently good marks in all tests and subtests. If you find them scoring low in a particular subject, contact the teacher or school authorities. If you think the teachers and school do not put much emphasis on extracurricular skills like swimming, diving or drawing, you can help your kids personally to develop skills.

Utilize the Web to Your Advantage

Fortunately, neither you nor the kids have to depend solely on the school curriculum to develop skills on any subject, thanks to the resources available on the tonsure house called the internet. Most of the educational resources in web are free and you can download and print them as well. There are plenty of sites that enable kids to learn while playing game and quiz online as well. This is ideal if you want your kids to stay focused on study and progress faster than their peers.

Ultimately, there is no preset formula to make your kids interested in study. You need to know the areas of interest of your kids and their mindset and devise methods accordingly. Of course, you need to put in the efforts for extra hours every week and he results will be worth it.

Evans is a blogger and he is currently associated with PrincetonaveMontessori.com which is a leading Preschool in Thousand Oaks CA.