Electric Cars: Is The Future Already Here?

Electric Cars: Is The Future Already Here?

Today, it’s accurate to say that at least every car enthusiast has heard of electric vehicles (EVs). Not so long ago, car manufacturers expressed their interest in making EVs, and at the moment, many of them are on the road. But is the future of electric cars already here? Let’s find out.

The Concept of EVs

Electric vehicles are cars that run only on electricity. They have no combustion engine, no traditional gearbox, and most importantly, no exhaust. But just like every car, they do need an auto front disc brake conversion kit. The motor of an electronic vehicle is powered by rechargeable batteries installed in the car’s body or under it.

How Do EVs Work?

Electric cars are simple in design. They have fewer moving parts than petrol-powered vehicles. A motor produces the electric power that is needed to turn its wheels. The motor is powered by the vehicle’s batteries, which in turn are connected to an electric power source that’s either the main battery or a charging station. This motor creates an electromagnetic field inside, which can create motion in the motor’s armature. It can drive the engine along with an attached gear train.

The main source of energy for EVs is electricity. They get the same from an electric power station or the main vehicle battery, which is charged by plugging it into the main socket. These stations are also referred to as charging points. Electric cars have a controller responsible for ensuring the motor or engine functions right, and its speed varies according to what buttons are pushed on the car’s steering wheel.

Is the Future for EVs Already Here?

Although electric cars are not yet mainstream, their number increases by the day. According to some experts, they will be widely available in 2022. But even before that, there are some cars available in other countries, but they are exclusive to the rich and famous as they are more expensive than most common electric cars.

But even if EVs are yet to become mainstream, they have a lot going for them that can be a serious consideration for car buyers. These are some of the following:

  • They can run on electricity, which is available everywhere. This means that their range is not a limiting factor. Because electronic vehicles are becoming more popular by the day, specific charging stations have been installed almost everywhere. This means that you won’t need to worry about running out of power in the middle of the street or on a road trip.
  • They are quite cheap to run compared to petrol-powered cars, especially if their usage is linked with a smart grid. It is more expensive to own a gas powered vehicle rather than an electric vehicle, considering gas is pricier than electricity. But, owning an electric vehicle will increase your electricity bill.
  • They are exceedingly clean, producing no emissions whatsoever when in operation.


Electric cars have a bright future, and it’s just a matter of time before they become more and more common. In the meantime, their demand will continue to rise as more manufacturers introduce their EVs on the market.