Did You Invent A Product? What You Need To Know About Mass Producing

Did You Invent A Product? What You Need To Know About Mass Producing

After much hard work and attention to detail, you have finally invented a product you believe will place you on the path to riches. But to do so, you’ll need to get it mass-produced. While this sounds daunting, it is actually much easier to do than most inventors and entrepreneurs realize. If you are now ready to take the next step with your invention and pursue mass production, here are some key facts to remember.

Create a Prototype

Before you ever approach a manufacturer about mass-producing your invention, create a prototype of your product. A working model that should be the actual size of your product, try to create your prototype using methods that come very close to the way your product would be manufactured in a mass-production environment.

Consider Packaging

No matter what product you create, even if it is the best product in the whole world, the packaging will heavily affect sales. Not only the design of the packaging but also what is inside the package that is keeping your product safe. For example, many companies choose polyurethane foam because it can be shaped to almost any product design and also prevents damage during shipping. Companies like Sterling Manufacturing, for example, provide services specifically for polyurethane orders. Whether your product will be using polyurethane foam or other materials in its production, always make sure you ask for and receive an accurate cost breakdown from any potential manufacturer of your product. Pay close attention to how much you will be charged per unit, meaning how much you will be charged each time your product is manufactured. If you choose to work with a manufacturer who produces only on demand, expect your unit price to be higher.

Find a Manufacturer

Now that you have your prototype, it’s time to find a manufacturer with whom you can work. You can locate a manufacturer by looking in the Thomas Register, or by going online and searching for “manufacturing on demand.” This may be better initially since this would allow you to have your product mass-produced only as it is ordered by customers. As a result, you won’t be stuck with a large inventory as your business is getting started.

Understand the Contract Before Signing

Last but certainly not least, do not enter into an agreement with any manufacturer until you understand each and every detail contained in the contract. Unless you are a legal expert or an attorney yourself, meet with a business lawyer so they can look over the contract and answer your questions. If you fail to do this and let your eagerness to see your product mass-produced guide your thinking, you could be setting yourself up for many legal headaches later on.

By doing your research, understanding the details of your contract before signing on the dotted line, and analyzing the costs associated with mass-producing your product, you may soon become the next entrepreneur whose dreams have come true.