Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

I have studied this at a professional level now for a number of years and I have found that depression, stress related disorders, anxiety, fears, phobias etc., are best treated by using the two methods of treatment; medical and complementary treatments.


I would advise an immediate visit to a medical professional in order to ascertain your exact ailment and also, in the interim, use complementary healthcare to reduce the distress of your symptoms.


These are only a stop-gap method in order to contain your symptoms. They do not cure the base line reason for anxiety.


This has been found to be highly effective and perhaps you could learn how to use essential oils for your ailment.


This form of complementary healthcare must be used correctly. It is highly effective in the fight against anxiety or panic disorder.

Complementary healthcare:

This form of healthcare contains numerous options, massage, aromatherapy, reflexoloby, yoga, meditation etc., and if combined with traditional medication can greatly alleviate debilitating stress levels. If you take this a step further and actively investigate your own inner needs then this is the real solution to your problem. All ailments both physical or psycholigical come from inside of you and it is your responsibility to find out why you need to be anxious, depressed etc.,


recommended reading:

  • You can heal your life by Louse Hay – Amazon
  • How to get through college with depression – Prescott Papers
  • Aromatherapy & herbalism by Rochelle Moore- Amazon
  • When the levee breaks – Mandala Press
  • Fear the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers – Amazon

Other recommendations

Try to give yourself time out and perhaps listen to soothing tapes or self-healing tapes. If you are highly stressed out to the point whereby you can not function then it is highly necessary for you to take action and try everything that you can in order to live your life at a comfortable level.