How to Complete Your Education While On Deployment

How to Complete Your Education While On Deployment

Every day, thousands of American military service members serve in a deployed status, such as on ships at sea and at ground bases in many foreign countries and hazard areas. Suppose you’re in the US military or contemplating becoming a part of it. In that case, you might be wondering how to complete your education while on deployment. Fortunately, it indeed is possible to get an education while deployed, so read on to find out how you can do so.

Online Education

In pre-internet days, US military members could deploy on ships and to foreign countries and complete their education, though generally only through correspondence-type courses. Today, though, online education and training is the most common way many servicemembers complete their educations while deployed. You can find an online university for military personnel that fits your budget and your education needs fairly easily in today’s market.

Remoteness is No Barrier

Many top colleges and universities partner with the Department of Defense and the individual service branches to provide courses and degree programs tailored to the needs of deployed troops. For example, even remote forward operating bases (FOBs) have internet access nowadays, making it easier to complete your education on deployment.

Afloat Education

US Navy members regularly deploy on ships that then head to sea, sometimes for months at a time. Completing an education during sea duty can be a challenge. Still, the Navy College Program for Afloat Assistance is there to help. Through NCPACE, eligible Sailors of all paygrades can gain accredited, high-quality distance learning opportunities from many post-secondary educational institutions. No ongoing internet connection is usually required.

US Marine Corps members frequently deploy on Navy ships as part of the Fleet Marine Force, or FMF. Marines deployed at sea can participate in the Marine Deployed Education Program. Post-secondary institutions even provide qualified instructors to teach courses to FMF Marines when they go to sea.

In-Person Classes

Some people prefer brick-and-mortar or real-world classroom learning rather than purely online education. US military service branches frequently partner with various colleges and universities to provide many different traditional classroom-based learning opportunities. Qualified instructors teach these courses and degree programs for deployed American troops at many overseas bases and installations.

Deployed US Coast Guard and US military service members today have many opportunities to complete their education. Being at sea or stationed at an overseas Army or Air Force base, for example, is no barrier to achieving an education nowadays. If you’re US military and preparing to deploy, check with your base educational services office for more information on completing your education during your deployment.