Common Chores Can Help You Clear Your Mind For Studying

Common Chores Can Help You Clear Your Mind For Studying

Would you believe us if we tell you that bed making, dish washing and other standard house chores could minimise your stress levels, increase happiness, safeguard you against heart conditions and prepare you for learning? Here’s are some of the activities around the house that will help you clear your mind and focus on the tasks ahead of you.

Regular bed-making in the morning: Productivity boost

It seems that my girlfriend and my mother were right in their nagging about the bed making. Commencing our day with a neatly made bed is one of the important base habits that causes a ripple effect of good performance.

The Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habits , employed the extensive scientific research to conclude the following: making our bed in the morning is connected to higher productivity, an improved mental state and boosted skills for budget appropriation. Also, diligent bed-makers reportedly have a better overnight sleep than the ones not tending to their messy sheets, according to the poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.

Common Chores Can Help You Clear Your Mind For Studying

Lemon scented dust cleaner: Happiness surge

A citrusy aroma is a powerful mood mender to add to your dusting routine. The practice was tried and proven by the industrious Japanese who utilised an extremely sour citrus fruit, yuzu. The 10-minute inhaling of this potent scent led to a notable decrease of mood swings, anxiety, tension, depression bouts, brain fogginess, tiredness and anger. All that in one little piece of fruit, who knew!

Backyard sweeping: Letting your heart pump

Need motivation to turn on that leaf blower? As it turns out, people who regularly dedicate their time to backyard chores, house cleaning and some DIY carpentry or other projects were less likely to get a stroke or a heart attack. The Swedish study of around 4,000 students showed that the risks of being afflicted by a first-time cardiovascular disease dwindled by 30% for active people.

Kitchen mess eradication: Burning calories, activating mind

Numerous studies have shown that persons living in overly cluttered spaces were either obese or overweight in 77% of the cases. It’s by far more difficult to opt for healthy eating in a highly disorganised kitchen, say Sydney-based house cleaners Urban You, so maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is a must for more than one reason. Once this room is spick and span, you will be a few pounds lighter and having toned muscles. The tidying-up process is also beneficial for the future diet plan, as we get more enthusiasm to cook proper meals in a clean kitchen.

Lawn mowing: Joyful disposition

Unless you’re allergic to grass, there’s no excuse for not trying this out. Personally, I love the smell of the freshly mown grass, as well as its wonderful green hue. Australian expert team researched about the properties of chemicals that’s let out by freshly-cut grass. They found out these substances promotes the relaxation and a general feeling of joy.

Common Chores Can Help You Clear Your Mind For Studying

Dabbing into horticulture: Decreased risk of depression

The study carried out in Norway, a country where people struggle with consequences of long and dark winters has looked into the therapeutic effects of gardening. For only six hours per week, people suffering from various forms of depression have experienced a substantial betterment in the form of improved mood even long after the experiment ended.

This outside activity enables us to grow something and see it thrive, and that gives a sense of accomplishment and purpose to the depression patients who often cannot find meaning in their daily routine.

Finally, a gentle bacteria found in the soil is proven to promote the release of happy hormones and acts in the same way medicines do. Opt for growing of edibles and you’ll have a healthy meal at your table too!

I bet you’re looking at everything you previously considered to be a drudgery with different eyes. Select your “exercise” of choice and invest in a long and healthy life.