Caribbean Medical Schools Gain Accreditation and Respect

Caribbean Medical Schools Gain Accreditation and Respect

Imagine pursuing a medical degree in a beautiful Caribbean location, with ample opportunities to learn and grow, while enjoying the lifestyle and perks of living in an island locale.

That’s the reality for those studying at Trinity School of Medicine, a top Caribbean medical school. At Trinity, students enjoy a top medical education and experiences unique to the school’s location in Kingston, the capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Unlike at US medical schools, students at Trinity are able to practice hands-on experience with patients early in their studies. This is a highlighting factor of attending a medical school in the Caribbean.

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The Trinity School of Medicine experience is a unique one. Students and faculty from around the world learn together, conduct research, and provide top medical care to their patients.

Here are some of the key features of attending a Caribbean medical school like Trinity School of Medicine:

  • High Match Rates: Prospective medical students want to know how many graduates are matched to desired residencies. At Trinity, our match rate for students with U.S. citizenship is 84 percent Canadian citizens have a match rate in the U.S. and Canada above 80 percent.
  • Small Classes: We intentionally admit small classes so that students, faculty, and stuff can form tight bonds and support each other from the first day of class through graduation. Our students stay in school, too. Our attrition rate is 12-13 percent.
  • High Board Scores: For students taking the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam Step-1, our pass rate is 93 percent. Our Step-1 average score is 223 and a Step-2 average score is 234.
  • Flexible Starts: We offer rolling admissions and three entry points into our program in January, May, and September. You can choose the right time to start your medical education.
  • A Clinical Rotation Home: For many students at Caribbean medical schools, there’s concern about participating in rotations in multiple locations. At Trinity, our clinical rotations are based out of Baltimore. In addition to experiences at various Baltimore-area medical facilities, Trinity students attend weekly grand rounds at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Faculty Commitment: Trinity School of Medicine faculty commits to ensuring their students receive a comprehensive clinical medical education rooted in basic science. Faculty also commit to teaching students to provide compassionate patient care, communicate effectively with patients and families, and lead ethical and honest professional lives.

A Caribbean medical education is an excellent opportunity to pursue a rewarding career. Also, see why Trinity School of Medicine provides opportunity, not just for its students, but for the US and Canada healthcare systems. Recent studies show that international medical students make up one-quarter of the practicing doctors in the United States. Learn more about the Trinity School of Medicine by contacting us today.