Benefits Of Online Classes For Military Service Members

Benefits Of Online Classes For Military Service Members

Online learning is quickly becoming a necessity for current and prospective college students. And service members are no exception. Many are trying to balance work, military service, family, social lives, and their education. Online learning can help curb some of the stress that comes from trying to balance all those life aspects.

So, just what good can online classes do for military service members? Let’s take a look at four of the biggest benefits you can reap from entering into an online degree program or enrolling predominantly in online courses.


Taking online courses is a convenient way to earn your degree while on active duty or after being discharged. You will need a computer and Internet access in order to take these classes, which saves you from having to take extra time from your busy life to get to campus.

Online courses utilize discussion boards and video chats. Instructors can be reached by email outside of class, so you will be able to ask pertinent questions as they arise. These classes offer a lot of flexibility for those who need it.

Advancing Your Military Career

Ready to further your military career? Online colleges for military service members can help you do that. According to a survey conducted by Military One Source, only about 10 percent of United States Military service members hold a Bachelor’s degree.

The military is looking for educated personnel, including those with knowledge of subjects like Engineering and Computer Science. If you hold an interest in one of these desired subjects, you might want to consider pursuing a degree in order to advance your career.

Tuition Coverage

The VA provides a lot of tuition coverage for those eligible to attend college under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. If you attend 100 percent online, you won’t qualify for the housing allowance, but there is a loophole that can help you get that kind of coverage if you attend one on-campus course.

Many online degree programs cost a fraction of the cost of on-campus programs. Should you qualify for tuition assistance, you could end up with few out-of-pocket costs.

Accelerated Courses Let You Finish Sooner

Ready to launch yourself into an accelerated degree program? Some programs last for as little as 18 months, whereas their on-campus counterparts can take at least four years. Online classes cut the time you spend on your degree down, but they can still be demanding. Just be prepared to fully commit to your education process.

If you are ready to pursue your dream of getting a degree, consider taking some online classes. They can be flexible with your busy lifestyle and can be taken from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Advance your career inside or outside of the military by enrolling in the online degree program of your choice.