Back to School: 4 University Degrees For Veterans Starting A New Career

Back to School: 4 University Degrees For Veterans Starting A New Career

After leaving the service, many veterans aren’t sure what to do next. Luckily, there are a lot of options. In most cases, veterans get their education covered by the government. It’s the perfect opportunity to go back to school to make yourself more desirable in the job market. Here are four university degrees for veterans starting a new career.

Computer Sciences

Everything relies on computers these days, including business. However, computers aren’t always reliable. They can break down or act funny. When this happens, someone needs to help resolve the problem. That’s why most medium to large companies have an internal IT department to keep things running smoothly. You can choose whether you focus on hardware, software, or networking. You may even learn to create websites yourself if that’s something you’re interested in.


Many people join the armed forces to help others. If you have similar goals in life, you may want to consider going into nursing. You’ll get the opportunity to learn how to help people after an injury or when sick. There’s also always a need for nurses. No matter what happens, people aren’t going to stop needing medical attention. You may also get the opportunity to travel the world to help others. Many people choose to join nursing in order to explore the world.

Political Science

Being in the armed forces can really open your eyes to politics and the way things are run. Likely, you will develop very strong opinions about political issues. If you do, consider getting a degree in political science. You’ll gain a steady education in the details of both national and international politics that will help you if you pursue a role as a politician. Even small-time politicians make a very large impact.

Construction Management

For the person who likes to work with their hands but also likes to run their own operation, construction management may be a great degree option. You’ll learn how to start your own construction business and make it successful. 

Many schools now offer online university for military that can let you learn from your own home. This can allow you a more flexible schedule than the traditional option of moving or commuting to a university campus. You can work at your pace while still getting personalized attention from a professor.

Most veterans return from the service relatively young. With so many years ahead of you, it’s best to give yourself a proper educational foundation to help you start your post-military career. Take advantage of the education offered to you and set your sights on future success.